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  • STaaS – the Lifeline for Edge
    With the proliferation of the smartphone, market trends have greatly changed; applications demand more storage space and computing power. Businesses want to do more with less – lower costs and maximum use of cloud resources. Now, they can, by leveraging STaaS - Storage as a Service. Read on to learn… Read more »
  • Why Do We Call Ourselves a “Technology First” Company?
    Being a ‘technology first’ organization means more than working on the latest technology or simply tying our revenues to technology. Read on why Calsoft calls itself a ‘technology first’ organization. The post Why Do We Call Ourselves a “Technology First” Company? appeared first on Storage, Networking, Virtualization, Cloud and AI/ML. Read more »
  • Why STaaS is Useful for Edge ComputingWhy STaaS is Useful for Edge Computing
    By 2025, data volumes will be 1000 times those of today. So how are businesses planning to deal with this explosion of data? Find out in this handy infographic exploring the links between Storage as a Service and Edge Computing! The post Why STaaS is Useful for Edge Computing appeared… Read more »
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Deciphering GCP and its Use Cases

Using cloud platforms and services can help majorly gain a competitive edge and add value to your business. By making an informed decision regarding the right choice of cloud platform and services can save a trench of money.

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Kubernetes Networking: Containers and Pods

This ebrief brings to you the basics of Kubernetes architecture focusing more on networking and will also talk about how communication takes place between containers & pods within and out of their scope in the Kubernetes cluster.

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Role of AI in Modern UX

Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence can help us automate repetitive tasks and free up our time to focus on the more strategic side to design experiences that are more personalized, relevant, smart, and efficient for the users.

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Kubectrlbot – Speak & Manage Kubernetes

In this white paper, you will see a robotic way of managing complex commands and operations of Kubernetes. Kubectrlbot’s voice command can replace skilled individuals required to manage Kubernetes commands and APIs.

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