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Drive A Digital Retelling of Retail

In the times of Digital, the modern approach to Retail is all about automation, optimization, streamlined & AI-driven operations, digital transformation, and minimal human intervention. The world of retail is rapidly moving online, leading to an upsurge of data across various functions. ​Enterprises are increasingly embracing trending technologies such as predictive analytics, IoT, digital payments, AI & chatbots, inventory management tools, AR & VR, CRM tools, geolocation, and more.

Calsoft, with its deep domain expertise and established processes, provides targeted solutions that are both secure and smart, to help Retailers digitally transform the way they do business.

Our digital expertise helps retailers in:

  1. Capturing digital & omnichannel revenue growth
  2. Establishing data-driven & customer-centric business
  3. Driving operational improvement using the latest intelligent tools & techniques

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Our Offerings

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Always on Digital Experience

Reinforce your digital presence by creating an always-on digital experience for your customers. Get expert assistance in developing an ecommerce platform and get consultation related to omnichannel solutions.

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Product Discovery Across Channels

Develop a unified platform to enhance product search and discovery for engaging & hyper-personalized customer experience. Our differentiator solutions help in enabling intelligent product discovery systems with the help of the latest tech such as smart analytics, image recognition, AI/ML, and more.

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Customer Data Platform Management

Get help to integrate your consumer data, perform, in-depth data analysis, develop a system to visualize the analyzed data, and leverage insights to drive customer-centric and consumer-behavior driven promotions for better reach and business growth. 

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Unified CEM

Efficiently track, monitor, and manage every interaction of your organization with your end customers throughout the customer life cycle to drive brand loyalty and repeat business.

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Loyalty Analytics

Develop robust cloud native applications with strong compute, storage, connectivity, and new-age capabilities. We support our customers with Microservices implementations, containerization, service mesh implementation, serverless applications, and more.

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Cloud Native Development

Develop robust cloud native applications with strong compute, storage, connectivity, and new-age capabilities. We support our customers with Microservices implementations, containerization, service mesh implementation, serverless applications, and more.

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Data Transformation

Transform your data into an asset with our data transformation services. We help with data lake creation and management, cleaning of data, where we help with the categorization, sorting & cleaning of data, data integration, and data management using a plethora of native platforms such as Google Cloud ETL Tools, and more.

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Data Visualization

Create interactive and interesting visuals to represent your data and maximize the possibilities to extract intelligent insights. Our data visualization experts can help you streamline and communicate your data better.

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Data Monetization

Generate high-value and actionable insights from data to obtain quantifiable economic benefits. Get expert support to create insightful dashboards, for processing data in real-time, and implement the right identity and access management framework to provide your customers access to the insights extracted from this real-time data processing. 

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Data Quality Management

Leverage data quality tools that automate the process of finding and correcting the inconsistencies in the data sets that power your business.

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AL/ML Engineering

Make the best of our Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning expertise that helps digital natives with strategy consulting, project implementation, and managed analytics in the areas of data engineering, data science, bots & platforms, AIOps, and AI workload management. 

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Digital transformation brings in ubiquitous mobility in terms of applications, knowledge, and products. Operator panels to supply chain dashboards are all moved to personal and enterprise devices. 

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Leverage our operational procedures to optimize the usage of IT services within the cloud environment. Our offerings include CI/CD integration, automated provisioning & orchestration, CloudOps management, DevOps implementation, Cloud Security, Backup, Recovery, HA, & DR Configurations, Cloud Service Brokerage, and more.

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Data Ingestion

Get full assistance to create and manage data lake effectively all while ingesting data in real-time. We help you build robust and holistic data strategies and help batch loading or streaming of data from various sources and further build pipelines as required. Our data experts are well-versed with various ingestion processes such as GCP ingestion services, and more.

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Internet of Things(IOT)

Leverage IoT for instore tracking and for efficiently managing & safeguarding your inventory using advanced inventory management software, predictive picking driven by AI, data analytics, and more.

Our Services

Transforming your idea into Reality

Infrastructure Modernization

VM Migration; VMware as a Service, Infrastructure Automation

Application Modernization

Application modernization,Cloud Native App Development,Serverless Application Development,Microservices Development

Smart Analytics

Data Ingestion,Data lake creation and Management,Data Transformation,AI/ML engineering,Visualization


IOT Solutions

Sensor Integration, Platform Development, Application Development & Integration


Data Storage & security

Data Archival and backup, Cloud Data protection, VM and Container security, Network & Application Security


Hybrid Cloud management, Monitoring & management of Cloud OPS, CI/CD and DevOps, Containerization


Day 0 – Day 1 Automation, DevSecOps, Cloud Migration, DevOps Product Engineering, Enterprise DevOps


UX Design & UI Development

Sensor Integration, Platform Development, Application Development & Integration


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