Hybrid cloud infrastructure solutions delivered as-a-Service

Cloud infrastructure is becoming essential for the increasing complexities in workloads. 

On top of challenges related to cloud adoptions, some industries are facing roadblocks such as data security, high latencies, and more. To overcome and address such issues, businesses are looking to adopt a hybrid cloud approach. 

Our hybrid cloud capabilities help you optimize the cloud within your business framework. We blend the best of public cloud, private cloud, and multi-cloud strategies, optimized to scale at your pace. 

Cloud Migration

Explore how your business can move to the cloud. We help migrate your workloads, products, and applications across leading cloud providers such as Azure, AWS, and Google.

Private to Public Cloud Migration

The customer develops cloud infrastructure technology, including a real-time cloud bursting system. Calsoft was engaged with the customer for development of vCenter Plugin for private to public cloud migration.

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FinTech Application Modernization

Calsoft was engaged with the client in FinTech domain to transform their legacy applications. They wished to use microservices-based architecture to efficiently utilize their datacenter infrastructure and reduce CAPEX/OPEX.

Application Containerization

Modernize your applications, products, and services by moving them into containers to build a stable, secure, flexible, and scalable infrastructure supporting your hybrid cloud. With our containerization services, your apps gain better portability, improved workload automation, and a cloud native-ready development.  


Cloud Cost Optimization

Regain control of your cloud spending by avoiding egress fees for data movement. We optimize your cloud costs through multiple stages of discovery, invoice consolidation, chargeback, and analytics.

Feature Enhancement and OS Platform Maintenance of Cloud Storage Linux product

Calsoft was working as an their extended engineering team to support/maintain Linux side of hybrid cloud storage product.

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Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Automation

Calsoft was engaged by the client to assist them in the Enterprise Hybrid Cloud (EHC) Factory Installation process.

Cloud Automation with AI

Leverage Infrastructure as code, AI, and modern automation concepts across all layers of your cloud technology stack. We help optimize hybrid cloud environments for the fastest and top-notch deployments. 

Data Management & Analytics on Cloud

Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Setup

Hybrid cloud infrastructure requires a deep understanding of various aspects of software and hardware engineering along with cloud expertise.  Calsoft with more than 2 decades of experience in those areas can use that expertise to implement hybrid cloud setup using any hybrid/multicloud management platform like Vmware Tanzu and Google Anthos.

Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Deploy-Install-Configure Automation

Calsoft was working as an their extended engineering team to support/maintain Linux side of hybrid cloud storage product.

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