Enterprises aiming at scalability and high-performance computing environments need to identify and remove I/O bottlenecks. It is vital to select a partner possessing the right combination of tools, skills, and knowledge to examine and optimize your entire I/O path for high performance, endurance, and reliability.

Calsoft assures success to its customers through its multi-faceted offerings:

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We help our customers optimize wear leveling and write performance of their firmware


Implementation Of Soap-Based Management Layer

Calsoft helped the customer solve productivity challenges occurring due to inefficient RPC-based management console.

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Vcs Agent To Monitor Ssd Caching

Calsoft assisted the customer for monitoring SSD caching by VCS agent in a VCS cluster environment.


We provide support pertaining to SSD PCIe device driver and caching.


Storage Management

Our storage management offerings cover volume manager, block driver, IO driver.


Development of UBI-Based Volume Manager

Calsoft developed UBI-based volume manager and related software components for a flash device on Linux.

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Development Of Block Level Filter Driver

Calsoft developed a Block Level Filter Driver to allow journaling of block changes in a file system to enable backup and restore


We monitor SSD health and performance through compression, block level de-duplication, and more.


Data Security

Our data security offerings include fault tolerance using NVRAM, software RAID, mirroring, and snapshots.


Data Protection of Microsoft Hyper-V Platform

Calsoft assisted the customer in developing a plugin for Windows Hyper-V using a web-based UI and a centralized way of configuring backup and restore policies for Hyper-V.

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OS Independent Unified Snapshot Solution Development

Calsoft developed an OS Independent/Unified Snapshot Solution, which included RAID configuration, helping the customer with quick application instance provisioning from the snapshots.

Array Management

Our array management offerings include management console and REST API accessibility, integration enablement for third-party north-bound API, and more.

Vendor Integration

Our vendor integration offerings include VMware (SAN-VAAI, NAS-VAAI, VASA, vCenter plugins) and Microsoft (NFS/CIFS, VSS, SMI-S). That’s not all. Our Storage IPs include ready-to-use protocol compliance test suites (iSCSI, SMB 2.x 3.x) for new vendors.


VMware Certification Testing for Unified Storage Appliance

Calsoft helped the customer with VMware Certification Testing for Unified Storage Appliance to resolve issues faced due to changes made by VMware in ESXi 5 while certifying their products.

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