Performance Testing Strategies for Microservices

Performance Testing Strategies for Microservices

Microservices are revolutionizing software development by offering faster, more reliable, and scalable applications. However, managing their performance can be challenging. Join us as Manoj discusses the common challenges developers face in testing and monitoring microservices, and shares insights on performance testing. 

Discover how to gauge the performance of microservices through infrastructure and API metrics. Gain valuable knowledge on tools like JMeter, Locust, K6, and Postman, used for performance testing. Tune in and learn how to enhance the quality of your microservices!  

The podcast will guide you with:   

  • Importance of Microservices for Modern Software Development 
  • Common Challenges in Managing Microservices Performance  
  • Performance Testing for Microservices 
  • Introduction to Commonly Used Testing Tools 

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About The Speaker

Manoj Pathak

Associate Architect 

Manoj is a Test Architect with 13 years of experience in developing complex and scalable testing frameworks that help improve product quality and efficiency. His area of expertise includes Python & Java Automation, and performance testing for APIs and user interfaces.