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The much-awaited advent of 5G is promising users with new-age dynamic services, low latency, and high-bandwidth networks. This demands the transition of Telecom network providers from their existing hardware-centric networks to those driven by software-enabled technologies like NFV and SDN. To ease this complex transition, we help service providers with our niche expertise in taking networks digital and prepping them for the competitive times ahead.

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Network Cloud Development & Deployment

We assist our customers in streamlining their network operations, enabling innovation, and driving growth & improved service profitability with our offerings that include:

NFV Infrastructure Deployment Automation

Calsoft helped a leading technology company by automating the deployment of VMware vCloud Infrastructure Platform for NFV.

Our offerings include:

NFV-related Services
VNF Development & Lifecycle Management
SDN Controller Design & Development
SD-WAN Services

Edge Cloud

Through our Edge Cloud services, we deliver clear & tangible benefits in terms of superior network performance, real-time analytics, flexible deployment, and process automation. We leverage our expertise in open-source frameworks such as Akraino, EdgeXFoundry, Zadeda, StarlingX to support our customers with:

Edge Cloud Development
Edge Cloud Deployment & Orchestration
Edge Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring
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Network Edge – Ironic BareMetal Management using DRAC and Redfish driver

Calsoft helped the customer add support for Dell hardware in OpenStack Ironic and dracclient.

5G Cloud

We assist our customers in scaling, automating, simplifying, and securing their cloud & network operations with our 5G Cloud offerings, which include:

Testing High End NAS Server

Calsoft assisted the customer in the gap analysis of their existing test approach and augmented their NAS testing to the next level.


Our offerings include:

Infrastructure Automation
Airship-related Services
Service Mesh Implementation & Traffic Management
Infrastructure Automation
Airship-related Services
Service Mesh Implementation & Traffic Management

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