Cloud Engineering & SaaSification

Reach for the Cloud via SaaS

ISVs selling legacy applications and software must stay abreast of the transforming business models. To stand in the competition with maximum business value, one needs to look around for the latest technologies that could dramatically bring more revenue with a better customer experience.

Calsoft’s comprehensive and secured cloud solutions are the best fit for companies seeking cloudification for the existing business or to innovate. We also help ISVs devise SaaS strategies with our rich experience in Virtualization. We also assist with complete Platform Management, Usability Testing, UI Development, User Experience Improvement, and more.

SaaS Engineering

Devise the finest SaaS strategies to transform legacy applications with Calsoft as the catalyst.

  • SaaS Enablement: We help in the design, development, and deployment of the Software-as-a-Service model for ISVs and other software vendors.
  • SaaSOps Support: We support companies with management, governance, and security of their SaaSified software and applications.
  • Mobile Enablement: We deliver mobile-driven applications compatible with SaaS products for better flexibility, efficiency, and ROI.
  • UX/UI: We implement best practices and strategies in user research and UI development to make the SaaS products user-friendly and frictionless.
  • AI-driven Testing: We enable SaaS products with the power of AI-driven testing and automation. AI-driven visual testing is proving to be a time-saver and efficiency booster.
UCS OpenStack Installer UI

Calsoft provided a SAAS-based solution to deploy, install & monitor OpenStack services on the Client-UCS platform.

To know more about how we can align our expertise to your requirements, reach out to us.

Key Engagements
Development of a Comprehensive Cloud Management Platform

Calsoft was engaged with the client as their development partner for their continuously evolving cloud management platform. The engagement underpinned:

  • Scaling of skilled engineering resources primarily in,
  • Online L3 Support
  • Integration of new platforms, technologies & Automation of workflows involved.
  • Dealing with lack of testing resources and automation of test scenarios in the Cloud Computing Area.
SaaS – Configuration, Drift & Remediation For HCI/CI – DEV

Calsoft involved in developing a Cloud-based multi-tenant system offering complete system discovery and assessment for validated CI design. Client portal to support configuration monitoring, health dashboard, remediation/healing of issues and reports for lifecycle changes for system components.

SaaS – Configuration, Drift & Remediation For HCI/CI – QA Automation

Calsoft engaged with the customer for Quality Assurance of the Life cycle manager product including integration, functional and end to end testing. GUI tests to meet UX requirements, Test cycles to be shortened, fast and automated and Meeting Product release deadline.

Building Bare-Metal Automation For SaaS Based Product Of Configurable Kubernetes Deployment

Calsoft engaged with the customer building bare-metal automation for their SaaS based product of configurable Kubernetes deployment.


  • Calsoft’s expertise in deployment automation from bare-metal layer to application layer has helped the client in developing the product faster and with desired quality
Containerized Application Code Security

With the evolution of cloud-native application deployment into containers, the security of complete software stack running inside the container has become tremendously important.

Calsoft is engaged with a client to perform analysis and scanning of containerized application software for vulnerability assessment and security checks at source code level.

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