Product Support

Product Support for Amplified User Experience
Product Support for Amplified User Experience

The real task of any product company begins after selling their product. Post-Sales customer satisfaction is one of the most crucial factors deciding the product’s positioning in the market. Good product support strategy is intelligent marketing. Calsoft assists with end-to-end product support, so businesses can focus on innovation, customer acquisition & retention, and other strategic aspects.

Product Re-engineering

We help our customers transform their existing products to meet current and future business demands. Our offerings include Code Optimization & Re-factoring; Fine-tuning of Architecture and Design; Usability Engineering; and Competition Analysis.

Migration of NSX-MH to NSX-Transformers

Calsoft assisted the customer in the migration of NSX-MH to NSX-Transformers.

To know more about how we can align our expertise to your requirements, reach out to us.

Product Deployment

Hassle-free product installations, timely system upgrades and resolution of issues is vital to the business. We make it easy for our customers by supporting them with product deployment, calibration & re-calibration with onsite/offsite support.

Continuous Delivery – Continuous Deployment Pipeline

Calsoft helped the customer automate and fast-track infrastructure deployment and vendor product deployment.

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System Integration

Multi-faceted technologies are increasing the system complexities. We help our customers not just with intelligent product development, but we also take care of its integration with the existing system and other third-party applications of the end user.

Development of Management Stack for Deduplication Appliance

Calsoft developed a management stack to help the customer manage their deduplication appliance.

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Test & Release Management

We oversee and manage a software release right from planning to development, testing, and onward to deployment. Our offerings include Test Planning & Lab Management; Manual, Automated, and Regression Testing; Build & Release Management; and Configuration & Change Control Management.

CI-CD Using Jenkins Pipeline

Calsoft helped the customer with build and release management for their virtualization product by: maintaining complex build setup with 100-odd git repositories via Jenkins (CI); and deployed product as VM OVF template and ran robot testing suite for sanity and regression via Jenkins (CD).

To know more about how we can align our expertise to your requirements, reach out to us.

Operations & Maintenance

Smooth functioning of the product is an essential part of a stellar customer experience. We assist our customers with operations & maintenance support for their deployed products and applications, ensuring timely upgrades, patches, incident resolution, field support, and more.

Feature enhancement and OS platform maintenance of Cloud Storage Linux product

Calsoft worked with the customer as their extended engineering team to support/maintain the Linux side of their hybrid cloud storage product.

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Product End of Life Management

We support our customers in end-to-end planning and execution of product end-of-life activities, which include Product Phase-out Planning; Full & Partial Sustaining Support; Stakeholder Communication; and Product Withdrawal.

Sustaining Support Success Story

Calsoft provided sustaining support for a monitoring tool adhering to the SLAs as determined by customer and to develop and test new features as per requirements from time to time.

To know more about how we can align our expertise to your requirements, reach out to us.

Product Documentation

Our expert technical writers capture your product functionality and convey it accurately to your end user while our project managers ensure the documentation is delivered consistently, and on time. Our offerings include User Guides and Installation Guides; Documentation of Codes, Design, and Architecture; Context-sensitive Help Creation; and Knowledgebase & Support Material Creation.

Azure Test Drive for Container Security Product

Calsoft created the test drive for the customer’s container security product, to showcase the features and use cases of the product in the Microsoft Azure platform. Also created tutorial videos and knowledge base articles pertaining to the product.

To know more about how we can align our expertise to your requirements, reach out to us.

Key Engagements
VMware VRO Plugin Development For Flash Array Based Storage

Calsoft is engaged with the client to develop a vRO plugin. The plugin helps in running the workflows and perform multiple operations  on storage infrastructure. The engagement underpinned:

  • Development of plugin
  • Bug fixing
  • Certification
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