Network Function Virtualization

Networking services are expected to be deployed at an accelerated pace and hence we are witnessing organizations making a beeline for implementing Network Function Virtualization (NFV) frameworks within data centers.

NFV replaces the use of network hardware with software called Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) on top of COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) hardware, lowering CAPEX and OPEX. It also enables chaining of VNFs to form a service, enabling the selection of software vendors providing specific services in the form of VNFs instead of monolithic solutions. Moreover, NFV helps data center or telecom networks to scale horizontally and vertically based on spikes in demand.

Technology vendors can leverage Calsoft’s NFV engineering and service offerings to provide validated and benchmarked solutions comprising hardware and third-party NFV software.

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NFV Infrastructure

Our offerings in this space include end-to-end deployment automation of NFV Infrastructure; OpenStack platforms of commercial and community flavors; optimizations for DPDK & SR-IOV for data path acceleration; and certifications.

NFV Infrastructure

NFV Infrastructure Deployment Automation

Calsoft helped a leading technology company by automating the deployment of VMware vCloud Infrastructure Platform for NFV.

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NFV: vRouter Integration with Openstack Tacker

Calsoft supported the customer with life cycle management of their virtual router OpenStack-Tacker.

NFV Quality Assurance

Our NFV QA offerings include end-to-end functional and coverage testing from deployment to orchestration; performance and benchmark testing on different hardware and virtualization platforms; complexity spectrum of single user/operator to multi-tenant users; and third-party independent solution validation for commercial VNFs.

NFV Quality Assurance

NFV Solution Validation

Our offerings in this space include deployment of commercial test tools to simulate control and dataplane traffic for NFV solution validation and testing;  reports & metrics for the NFV ecosystem and VNF solutions deployed; and health reports related to the NFV infrastructure comprising faults and events, failures, utilization parameters for compute, storage, and network.

NFV Solutions

Performance benchmarking for the VNFs deployed on VMWare Cloud

Calsoft supported the customer with testing the VIO (VMWare Integrated OpenStack) platform for VNF deployment and performance benchmarking.

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UCPE devices: VNF performance baselining & deployment automation

Calsoft assisted the customer in testing the performance of VNFs on top of uCPE devices, and deployed bare metal OS, middleware like VMWare ESXi on edge node devices.

VNF Engineering

We support customers with the design, development, and deployment of VNFs based on Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) & including L3 routing to DHCP, NAT, WAN Optimization, uCPE including IPSec VPN, UPnP, and more. Our testing expertise in this space includes test of VNF software lifecycle; monitoring, horizontal and vertical scaling; migration and auto-healing; testing of VNFs in service chained environments for end result verification; and validation of VNF forwarding graphs.

VNF Engineering

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