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Software Defined Storage (SDS) technologies are designed to speed up the delivery of IT services to stakeholders, offering flexible configurations and agile deployment options. Calsoft offers a wide variety of enterprise-class data storage management solutions to manage, protect, access, and restore your business data.

Here is a glimpse into our bouquet of offerings for SDS.

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Management UI

Development of SDS management components for vendors’ NAS appliances (SOAP and REST based, with standard API hooks).

Managment UI

HA and LACP Support

Calsoft supported the customer in adding HA and LACP support to the current bonding driver in BSD and porting it to Montana for Sun StorEdge 5×00 systems.

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VMware VAAI Block Certification for TrueNAS Storage

Calsoft carried out certification testing of the customer’s iSCSI block storage product-“TrueNAS” for its VAAI compatibility.


Our offerings include development of SMI-S-based storage provider & OpenStack Cinder driver; development of VMware plugins; development and testing around VMware SDS certifications (VAAI and VASA) for multiple vendors; and development and testing of storage volume provisioning for Docker containers.



We help our customers manage the performance of their SDS installations through our services that include RAID-based I/O performance optimization and storage cache mirroring.


Development of Storage Cache Mirroring Feature

Calsoft helped the customer add “Cache Mirroring” feature to a SAN Appliance product quickly and in a cost-effective manner.

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Hardware failure Auto correction for SES Enclosure

Calsoft helped the customer identify hardware failure for SES-compliant JBODs; find opportunities to auto-correct drive failure; and use SES functionality to add extra features.


Ensure high availability of your SDS installations with SDS integration component for health monitoring and error detection (SES enclosure, multipathing).

Data Security

We leverage our mature security expertise to help our customers with volume and file system level encryption across multiple vendor devices.

Data Security Data

Data protection of Microsoft Hyper-V platform

Calsoft assisted the customer in developing a plugin for Windows Hyper-V using a web-based UI and a centralized way of configuring backup and restore policies for Hyper-V.

Automation Software Integration (1)


Our automation offerings for SDS include Puppet integration for Initiator and Target connectivity; and policy-based storage tiering.

To know more about how we can align our expertise to your requirements, reach out to us.

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