Harness the Power of Digital Innovation

The Age of Digital demands organizations embrace change on two fronts – upgrading their technology & operations and improving their processes & the way their people work. Calsoft’s Digital Transformation solutions keep enterprises abreast of the rapidly changing customer demands and support continuous innovation.

Our Digital Services


Cloud is a critical enabler of digital transformation and the speed and scale the technology offers to organizations wanting to go digital is unparalleled. Our deep focus on cloud enables us to provide offerings ranging from Cloud Migration, CloudOps, Cloud Native Development, to Data Center Modernization, Data Management & Analytics, and more.
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We support enterprises with strategy consulting, project implementation, and managed analytics in the areas of Data Engineering, Data Science, Bots & Platforms, AIOps, and AI Workload Management.
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Our IoT solutions comprise a heady mix of Platform Development, Mobile App Development, Edge & Gateway Development, IoT Sensor Communication, Security Services, and Managed Services.
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Automation forms a core component of any digital transformation strategy. And DevOps helps in automating the processes in the development life cycle and shortening delivery cycles. Our dedicated DevOps Center of Excellence helps accelerate DevOps implementations and improve the speed, quality, and security of application delivery for our customers.
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Digital Collaboration

Accelerate Cloud adoption with seamless integration of tools, improve network & endpoint security, facilitate AIOps, and get future-ready with our digital collaboration offerings.
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Better efficiency and security with Blockchain technology, design smart contracts and develop a robust blockchain platform.
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Make informed decisions with our enterprise-grade smart solutions, powered by frontier technologies such as the Cloud, IoT, AI & ML, Data Analytics, and more
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Technology Coverage

Cloud Engineering

Service Mesh Implementations, Containerization, Edge Cloud, Data Analytics, AI-driven Testing, and more


Cybersecurity, Endpoint Security, Cloud security, AI-based Security Testing, and more


Device Management, Testing & Optimization, Ecosystem Integration, IoT Security, Process Automation, and more


Datacenter Optimization, AI Workload Management, AIOps, Data Science, and more

Industry Coverage


Automation & Integration, Network & Endpoint Security, AIOps, AI Workload Management, and more

Data Centers

Engineering & Maintenance, IT Automation & Analytics, Edge Computing, and more

Networking & Telecom

Network Automation, Edge Computing, Security & Monitoring, NFV, SDN, SD-WAN and more


Price Optimization, Contactless Checkout, Data Quality Management, Inventory Management, and more

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