Business Continuity Solutions

The phrase “A stitch in time saves nine” sums up Business Continuity Management strategy and its importance for organizations. BCM has become an essential aspect of business planning. Calsoft’s BCM consultants assist customers in strategizing a relevant BCM plan that helps devise crisis prevention & crisis response measures, along with a focus on recovery in case of any unavoidable disastrous events.

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Strategy & Plan Development

Leverage our rich experience to devise a robust business strategy and plan that helps keep track of the business goals, objectives, action plan, achievements, errors, contingencies, and other parameters.


Monitor HA/DR capabilities for datacenters

Calsoft engaged with the customer for monitoring HA/DR capabilities for datacenters discovering physical and virtual servers in a datacenter in an agentless manner.


Risk Assessment

Before embarking on a solution, it is essential to calibrate the level of vulnerability in an organization. We help customers identify the potential risk factors that can be hazardous to their systems and eventually address them after a detailed risk analysis.

Emergency Response

We ensure end-to-end disaster management solutions. This disaster management cycle involves an emergency response phase that requires a cyclical approach to continuously assess, plan, act, and review for the evolving needs.

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OpenStack Public Cloud

Calsoft collaborated with a leading cloud service providing firm for DRS and HA cluster, multi-hypervisor integration, multi-node setup, and integration with billing system.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is concerned with the restoration of IT infrastructure and hardware in case of an unavoidable crisis. We assist in recovering the customer’s data and other crucial assets in case of any disastrous events.

Crisis Management

In an unexpected event of a crisis, our crisis management solutions help companies deal with this disruption that can inflict harm to the business. Our approach involves preparing customers to coordinate response actions, speed up recovery, and maintain lines of communication when disaster strikes.


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Key Highlights

Development Of Microservices Application For Stress Testing Of Security Platform

Calsoft was engaged with the client to develop microservices application for stress testing their Security platform. The engagement included:

Development of microservices application
Complete feature verification of the customer platform.
Deploy microservices application and run load, stress tests.

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