Optimal Support Services for ISVs & Enterprises

Calsoft’s Product Sustenance & Support Engineering team acknowledges the importance of time and efforts towards business-critical processes and has been managing and supporting product lines for some of the leading companies across the globe. We also provide L1, L2, and L3 product support, sustenance engineering, and migration services, enabling you to focus your limited resources on innovation, customer acquisition, and new product development.

Our Sustaining Support Services

Sustaining Engineering Solutions

We help our customers sustain their products and applications with a sharp focus on product optimization. Our offerings include Hotfixes and Updates; Feature Enhancement and New Feature Development; Product Customization; and Ecosystem Integration.
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NOC Support

Ensure 24x7 uptime and business continuity for your customers with our specialized Network Operations Center (NOC) Support managed by our team of IT Support engineers who deftly manage, monitor, and maintain critical client networks.
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Patch & Release Management

We oversee and manage a software release right from planning to development, testing, and onward to deployment. Our offerings include end-to-end release management and we also assist with regulating and automating patch management for security updates, changes in the system, or drivers.
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Documentation Services

Our expert technical writers capture your product functionality and convey it accurately to your end user while our project managers ensure the documentation is delivered consistently, and on time. Our offerings include Product Documentation, Single Source Authoring, and Content Architecture.
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Product Re-engineering

We help our customers transform their existing products to meet current and future business demands. Our offerings include Code Optimization & Re-factoring; Fine-tuning of Architecture and Design; Usability Engineering; and Competition Analysis.
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Product End of Life Management

We support our customers in end-to-end planning and execution of product end-of-life activities, which include Product Phase-out Planning; Full & Partial Sustaining Support; Stakeholder Communication; and Product Withdrawal.
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Technology Coverage


Maintenance, Backup & Recovery, Capacity Planning, Disaster Recovery, and more


L2 & L3 Support, Maintenance, Documentation, End of Life Management, and more


Performance Management, Integrations, 24×7 NOC/L1 Support, Maintenance, and more


Backup & Recovery, SaaSOps Support, DataOps Management, and more


Firmware Updates, 24X7 Customer Support (L1- L3) for Device Management Monitoring, Security, and Application Monitoring


Process automation, AIOps, DevOps, AI Workload Management, Backup & Recovery, Code optimization, and more

Industry Coverage


Modernization Services, SaaSOps, Mobile Enablement, and more

Data Centers

Infrastructure Management, Application Management, Monitoring & Compliance, ServiceNow Integration, and more

Networking & Telecom

L2 & L3 Support to NFV, SDN, V-RAN, SD-WAN; Data Analytics; NOC Support; and more

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