Software Product Engineering Services

Calsoft delivers software product engineering services – right from designing to deployment. Our deep expertise in product innovation and modifications applies at any stage of the product life cycle. And when it comes to product life cycle management, we ensure that our development strategies mirror the product’s current stage in the market. Our established managed services framework helps provide a competitive advantage to our customers through proactive process improvements and sustainable value additions throughout the product life cycle. We have been a trusted software product engineering services partner to top ISVs in storage, networking, virtualization, cloud, IoT, and AI/ML domain.

Design, Develop, Test, and Modernize Your Software Products & Platforms

Product Development

Our product development offerings include product innovation, re-engineering, customization, optimization, and migration. We work with our customers to design and deliver intelligent products, resulting in optimized R&D investments.
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Plugin Development

We help our customers to develop customized ServiceNow plugins. We also certify their solutions for featuring in the ServiceNow store and provide data center and SOAR support. Our expertise extends across all major hypervisor providers including VMware, Microsoft, Linux, and Citrix.
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Product Modernization

We assist our customers with the development of scalable and robust products – from portfolio planning, replatforming, and rearchitecting to complete localization and maintenance – meeting their changing business needs.
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Product Support

We assist our customers in managing product performance and costs – right from design to end-of-life (EOL) and end-of-service (EOS), so they can focus on other business aspects such as innovation, customer acquisition & retention, and more.
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Ecosystem Integration

We support organizations in seamlessly automating and integrating their processes for higher efficiency and improved productivity. Get the most out of new and legacy technologies and build automated processes around them to keep your business on the growth path.
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Product Testing

Faster product roll-out is the key to penetrating the mainstream more effectively in this fast-changing market landscape. This calls for product testing methodologies that align with the evolving PDLC. Calsoft helps its customers with end-to-end software testing to deliver products that tick the right boxes with regards to quality.
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Cloud Migration Services, Cloud Native Development, CloudOps, Cloud Engineering & SaaSification, and more...


Network Security, Cyber Security, Endpoint Security, ServiceNow Security Operations, and more...


Platform & Application Development, Edge & Gateway Development, Security Services, and more...


Smart Datacenter Operations, AIOps, AI Workload Management, and more...


Vendor Integration, Array Management, Storage Management, Backup & Recovery, Firmware, Caching, and more...


Server, Desktop & Network Virtualization; Plugin Development & Integration Services for VMware, ServiceNow, Microsoft; and more...


Edge Computing, Application Modernization, Container Orchestration, Data Services Integration, and more...

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Product & Plugin Development, Digital Innovation, Technology Consultancy, and more...

Data Centers

ServiceNow Integration, Infrastructure Automation, Edge Computing, and more...

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Cloud Development & Deployment, Ecosystem Integration, Sustaining Engineering, and more...


Cloud Native Development, Cloud Migration, Ecosystem Integration, and more...

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