Open Source Services

Strategic adoption of opensource technologies to develop solutions, implement processes, refine workload architecture, and sustain the solutions.

In the pursuit of reducing the time to market, serving customers with exciting services, and staying competitive, businesses are rapidly adopting open source technologies. Open source software is being used extensively by enterprises and technology ISVs, especially in the Telecom industry, to rapidly enable cutting-edge technologies with modern practices followed in the community. These open source projects have influenced software development cycles (design, prototype, development, integration, and testing) and are supporting IT infrastructure to enable agile service deployments.

Calsoft supports customers with strategic adoption of open source technologies to:

Develop solutions
Implement processes
Refine workload architecture
Sustain the solutions further
Open Source Expertise

Five pillars of Calsoft’s open source expertise

We help customers to build their products completely based on open source tools and frameworks. This involves following modern software engineering practices that most open source projects are prioritizing. We help in containerizing, building microservices to automate, scale application elements, and make them more resilient.

We offer consultations to customers, enabling them to strategically choose the right open source technologies to address the gaps in their solutions and bring about innovative features. We pinpoint the areas where open source can reduce the costs and the total cost of ownership (TCO).

We help customers in architecting their solutions using open source frameworks. This involves recommending open source in designing and prototyping of solutions that helps in automating a few layers, achieving security, and monitoring of applications and IT workloads.
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We help our customers by recommending open source frameworks in product engineering practices and further assist in the development, testing, UI engineering, and sustaining of their products. We follow the cloud-native development approach to adhere to the modern software development paradigm.
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We offer maintenance and support services for applications and products developed using open source technologies. We help customers to continuously track changes in open source projects and recommend and apply patches in existing solutions built using open source technologies.

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Calsoft Open Source Advantages


Using open source technologies enables us to pass on the cost advantage to our customers.


Community-based development enables rapid security and quality patches to solutions.


Cost effective as the scale of infrastructure is large in telecom and enterprises.


Allows customization as per need and helps examine the solution in different environments.


Development for new technologies and backend core of any new data center domain.


Enables innovation by reducing vendor lock-in, and supports a more agile development process.


  • Enables Cloud Native Storage – Ceph, Rook, etc
  • Data Managements: DR and Backup – CSI, Valero
  • Cloud Attached Storage OpenEBS

Networking & Telecom

  • Core Solution Development & CI/CD
  • Workloads Orchestration & Lifecycle Management
  • Ecosystem Integration


  • Core Development of Solutions
  • Deep Learning Algorithms
  • AI/ML Workloads Orchestration

Open Source Projects

Our engineers and architects are consistently contributing to OpenStack, which is among the fastest growing opensource communities in the world. Our contributions include the following:

ELIOT is a family of Akraino blueprint, which intends to develop a fully integrated edge network infrastructure and run edge computing applications on lightweight edge nodes. We have made code enhancements through automation scripts and ready-to-use VM images. Using these images, you can try out an edge use case (IoT) in a couple of hours, instead of spending days and weeks over it. Details of our contributions can be found on the Eliot wiki page:  

We understand the workings of ONAP and help our customers with real-time, policy-driven service orchestration and automation, along with support for complete life cycle management activities. 

  • End-to-end orchestration 
  • End-to-end network slicing management 
  • 5G service orchestration 
  • Self-Organizing Network (SON) enhancements 
  • Fault management/performance management data collection 

Our contribution to StarlingX is focused on a significant reduction of the kick-off time for users by introducing a StarlingX-in-a-box VM. It also amalgamates EdgeXFoundry and Kubernetes to handle workloads. We have also contributed to StarlingX Guide for ‘How to get up & running with StarlingX EdgeX’ and documentation for ‘How to Create StarlingX-in-a-box Images’. 

Download link for the image: 

Users from China please download from here:   (Extract code: 645f) 

We have expertise in leveraging OPNFV to support our customers. Here are a few instances: 

We helped automate the validation of a commercial OpenStack solution with OPNFV Functest test framework for different test suites such as HealthcheckSmoketest, Components, VNFs. We also automated OPNFV Yardstick framework to benchmark the performance of the solution.  

We supported a customer with testing a commercial OpenStack solution for VNF deployment and performance benchmark testing. The engagement included testing of VNFs on top of the NFV environment using OPNFV Functest test suites. 

Medhavi’ is a Sanskrit word, meaning ‘Intelligent’. Medhavi architecture revolves around simple compute workload managers and a clean concept of jobs — how they are placed and scheduled using Open Infrastructure. Some of our contributions include: 

Calsoft is actively involved in contributing to Open vSwitch project. Calsoft capabitities include

  • Contribution to Open vSwitch project
  • Open vSwitch Integration into hypervisors
  • Open vSwitch integration testing
  • Development of OVS Utilities

Open source Partner Ecosystem


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