Take Your Possibilities to the Cloud
The Cloud is an important milestone in your Digital Transformation journey and a vital enabler for new-age and evolving technologies like IoT, AI/ML, Blockchain, and more. Our established Cloud practice helps customers bring about path-breaking changes to the way they conduct business and stay ahead of the competition.
Cloud Migration Services
Migrate your assets to the cloud, while mitigating risks and easing complexities. We assist our customers with Infrastructure, Application & Data Migration, and Containerization, including Microservices Implementation, VMs to Containers Transition, Container Security, Orchestration & Service Chaining, Container Monitoring, and more
Cloud Native Development
Develop robust cloud-native applications with strong compute, storage, connectivity, and new-age capabilities. We support our customers with Microservices Implementations, Containerization, Service Mesh Implementation, Serverless Applications, and more.
Leverage our operational procedures to optimize the usage of IT services within the cloud environment. Our offerings include Cloud Monitoring & Management, DevOps, Cloud Security, Backup, Recovery, HA, & DR Configurations, Cloud Service Brokerage, and more.
Cloud Engineering & SaaSification
Our deep expertise in Cloud technologies enables us to offer cutting-edge SaaS Engineering and Cloud Native Development services. These include SaaS Enablement, SaaS Ops Support, Mobile Enablement, UX/UI, AI-driven Testing, Microservices & Service Mesh Implementations, Containerization, Serverless Applications, and more.
Telco Cloud
We help our telecom customers leverage the power of cloud with our offerings such as Network Cloud Development & Deployment, Edge Cloud, and 5G Cloud, which include SD-WAN services; Edge Cloud Development & Deployment; Service Mesh Implementations; Hybrid Security Management; AI/ML, Analytics, and more.
Cloud Platform Services
We support our customers' ever-evolving business needs with our offerings that include Platform as a Service; Platform Integration; Serverless Computing; and HPC. We also have a deep level of expertise in Kubernetes, deployments on leading cloud platforms, serverless modelling, and more.
Data Management & Analytics on Cloud
Put your data to work for you with our smart offerings such as Smart Analytics, AL/ML Solutions, DataOps Management, and Cloud Data protection, which cover a gamut of services such as Data Warehouse/Data Lake Modernization; Fraud & Compliance Management; IoT; Data Operations Management; Retention & Recovery Planning; and more.
Data Center Modernization
We help customers transform their legacy data centers into mean business machines driven by efficiency and scalability. Our offerings cover Private, Hybrid & Public Cloud; Infrastructure Automation & Provisioning; Multi-Cloud Management; Storage, Network & Server Virtualization, and more.
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Industry Coverage
ISVs Cloudification & Virtualization Solutions, Data Management & Analytics, Technology Consultancy, and more
Data Centers Infrastructure Management, Monitoring & Compliance, Microservices Deployment, ServiceNow Operations, and more
Networking & Telecom Cloud Migration, Cloud Native Development, Multicloud Management, SaaS Engineering, and more
Retail: Workload Migration & Management, Cloud Native Development, CloudOps Monitoring & Management, Hybrid Cloud Solution, and more.
Service Coverage
Product Engineering Product Innovation, Customization & Migration, Ecosystem Integration, ServiceNow Plugin Development, and more
Digital Cloud Migration, CloudOps, Cloud Native Development, Data Center Modernization, Data Management & Analytics, and more
Sustaining & Support Product Reengineering, Feature Enhancements, Ecosystem Integration, NOC Support, Hot Fixes, and more
UI/UX Engineering UI Modernization, Front-end & Mobile Development, Feature, Functionality & User Testing, and more

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