Augmenting Business Value with DevOps Services
Calsoft’s large pool of DevOps consultants has created a dedicated Center of Excellence to accelerate DevOps implementations and improve the speed, quality, and security of application delivery for our customers. Our agile approach towards software development, testing, and IT operations helps our customers to quickly adapt to changes and improve overall operational performance.
DevOps for Enterprises
Automate your everyday IT operations for improved productivity and performance, using our offerings, which include IT Operations & Automation, Runbooks Creation, and NOC & Network Monitoring.
DevOps for Engineering
Accelerate the build, test & deployment in your software development cycle. Our offerings include Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment (CICD), Build & Release Engineering, Test Automation & CI Integration, and Defect Management & Analytics.
DevOps Product Engineering
Embrace the power of agile processes in product engineering with DevOps and automation. Our offerings include Tools Development, Product Integration, and more.
Day 0 – Day 1 Automation
Implement a structured and resilient automation model for continuous process optimization and improvement, using our offerings, which include Factory Automation, Day 0 – Day N Automation, and more.
Cloud Migration
DevOps helps minimize the complexities involved in the cloud migration process. Our offerings include Cloud Readiness Assessment; P2V, V2V & V2C Migration; Cloud Migration across Cloud Vendors - AWS/Azure/IBM SL; Capacity Planning & Sizing; and more.
We support our customers with DevSecOps implementation to integrate security in their DevOps pipelines. Our offerings include implementation of Security Practices & Tools; DevOps + Security Operations of SAST (Static Application Security Testing); and more.
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Technology Coverage
Cloud Cloud Migration Services, Cloud Native Development, CloudOps, Cloud Engineering & SaaSification, and more
Security Network Security, Cyber Security, Endpoint Security, ServiceNow Security Operations, and more
IoT Platform & Application Development, Edge & Gateway Development, Security Services, and more
AI/ML Smart Datacenter Operations, AIOps, AI Workload Management, and more
Industry Coverage
ISVs Product Development, Ecosystem Integration, Application Modernization, Product Testing, and more
Data Centers Infrastructure Management, IT Automation & Analytics, ServiceNow Integration, and more
Networking & Telecom: Network Automation, Edge Computing, Security & Monitoring, NFV, SDN, SD-WAN, Wireless
Retail: Workload Migration & Management, CloudOps Monitoring & Management, Ecosystem Integration; and more.

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