It's time to embrace a smart futuristic technology to ease into our new way of contactless living. Read More CONTACTLESS TECHNOLOGY Explore a run of RAN from being Traditional to Open, enabling innovation for 5G Telecom networks Read More YOUR CONNECTION TO NEW OPPORTUNITIES OPEN RAN Ensure timely checks on the data accuracy, compliances, and operational risks by befriending data for extracting intelligent information that brings you value. Read More Shake Hands with Smart Data Governance Alleviate the pain caused by mundane business and IT operations with the help of Calsoft’s ServiceNow offerings. Read More The Time is NOW Calsoft Mozaic offers a sculpted blueprint for organizations cutting across sizes & domains to modernize their product roadmap for a faster GTM! Turbocharge Your Product Journey KNOW MORE Experience faster & simpler deployments, multi-cloud capability, portability, and more with our all-round Kubernetes expertise. Know More FRONTIERS to launch into new Your Business Needs FLEXIBILITY Fast-track your product cycles with us Agile Development, Lean Approach KNOW MORE
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Ride the Wave of Innovation

DevOps is the catalyst driving software engineering towards digitalization. Take a look at the top DevOps trends for 2021 that are here to stay for long.

What’s NOW

Now helping companies modernize their business operations by integrating the existing infrastructure with ServiceNow modules.

What’s NEXT
Intelligent Data Governance

Our Data Governance services provide the right tools, processes, and knowledge required to establish end-to-end data governance and quality systems in the retail and e-commerce space.



Our service offerings cater to Fortune 500 companies, mid-size players, and startups alike in these areas.

Helping customers scale up to market needs with our expertise encompassing application upgrades, quality engineering, sustenance & support, and more, at any stage of the product lifecycle.

Improving the overall application delivery & speeding up and streamlining DevOps implementations for our customers across various domains.

Driving our customer’s Digital Transformation initiatives with a bouquet of offerings that helps them improve processes and upgrade their technology and operations.

Re-imagine user experience and ensure it aligns with the demands of your time, market, and other considerations, with us as your extended UI/UX team.

Leveraging our vast experience in new-age technologies to give companies the much-needed headstart in their race towards achieving digital transformation.

Across major hypervisor providers including VMware, Microsoft, Linux, and Citrix.

Helping our customers build robust products, achieve high-speed releases, offer best-in-class customer experience, and earn greater brand recall through our end-to-end QA services. 

From curating & designing best-fit mobile strategies to application development testing, feature enhancement, and application migration – our mobility universe stretches deep & wide! 


Calsoft is a “Technology First” company and our expertise extends from established technologies to emerging, new-age ones.

Supporting customers to build robust products across a range of virtual environments and assisting with end-to-end management of virtualized resources.
Helping customers leverage AI/ML to transform their business processes in their journey towards digital transformation.
Helping customers create robust, reliable, and sustainable business ecosystems using the power of distributed ledgers.
Open Source
Devising high-performing solutions for our customers using trending opensource technologies and also contributing our technical know-how to the opensource community at large.
Spearheading customer’s digital transformation initiatives with our matured cloud practice comprising migration, cloud engineering & SaaSification, CloudOps, data management & analytics, and more.
Securing our customers’ critical resources with our offerings that cover endpoints, cloud, container, network security, cloud security, and more.
Developing high-availability, high-performance, smart & secure systems to support customers in their IoT-related initiatives.

We support our customers⁠—a varied mix of Fortune 500 players, mid-sized entities, and start-ups⁠—with targeted offerings in these specialized areas.

Data Center
Supporting organizations across the data center stack with solutions ranging from Storage, Networking to Virtualization, Containerization & Security Stacks.
Networking & Telecom
Providing high-performance and scalable solutions to customers across a range of requirements including NFV, SD-WAN, Network Security, simplifying operations, securing networks, driving innovation, securing services, and improving customer retention.
Helping customers take the right strides in the Storage space with our offerings comprising product engineering, readymade accelerators, SAN/NAS arrays, and more, which facilitate reliable and high-performing storage installations.
Partnering with ISVs to help them launch robust products in the market, with focus on cost-effectiveness and ROI.
Empowering Retailers to redefine the way they do business with customized solutions that are both secure and smart.

The Rise of Kubernetes!


The use of Kubernetes has shot up to 48% this year from 27% in 2018, as per Container Journal. 9% of respondents report clear benefits from adopting Kubernetes, while 56% of respondents mentioned resource utilization as a top Kubernetes benefit. Explore the plethora of features offered by Kubernetes with our mature service offerings. 

Press Release

Kubectrlbot – Speak & Manage Kubernetes

In this white paper, you will see a robotic way of managing complex commands and operations of Kubernetes. Kubectrlbot’s voice command can replace skilled individuals required to manage Kubernetes commands and APIs.