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Data Protection

As organizations go digital, it’s imperative for them to manage their data optimally and securely. Calsoft assists customers in developing backup & recovery solutions to fulfill a wide range of workload needs for current and future loads.

The Preferred Engineering R&D Partner for ISVs & Global Enterprises

Fueling new-age enterprises with "Digital power", encompassing Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Data Analytics
Continuously addressing Research & Development (R&D) goals for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) with end-to-end Product Engineering services
Applying 20 years of engineering innovation expertise to datacenter technologies such as Storage, Networking, Virtualization, Hyperconverged, and Cloud
Empowering Telcos and service providers to achieve business goals and agility through targeted, ready-to-use, customizable, and reusable solutions

Webinar - Significance of Bare Metal in Edge and 5G


Building The Edge & 5G Story With Bare Metal

Get insights from Calsoft’s recently concluded webinar in association with NASSCOM

Calsoft Focus

Network Security

Leading vendors offer diverse sets of network security solutions to tackle network pitfalls. But these solutions need continuous enhancements to deal with new attack vectors. Calsoft assists ISVs in injecting security at each stage of the product engineering life cycle and infrastructure layers (from firmware to software). Learn more about Calsoft’s Network Security expertise.

Network Security

Technology Spectrum

We are a 'Technology First' Company

Enabling global ISVs and Enterprises to innovate and scale up.
Agile Infra, DevOps, and integration solutions across virtual ecosystems such as VMware, Citrix, Microsoft
Cloud engineering solutions to suit the scalability and adaptability requirements of ISVs, CSPs, and MSPs
Application modernization solutions to suit Enterprise and ISV needs
Security solutions across APIs, networks, and cloud environments

Calsoft Skill Matrix

What's hot?

What are our Engineers Brewing right now?

You name it, and we have it.
Software Beta testing 95%
Test Automation 90%
Kubernetes Networking 85%
NFV Infrastructure Automation 70%
Storage QA 80%
Containerization & Security 95%
ServiceNow 90%
DevOps 80%
Microservices 80%
NVMe SSD Certification 85%

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