Calsoft’s product engineering services help hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) vendors to rapidly design, develop, and deploy products. Calsoft’s offerings for the hyper-converged environment span software-defined storage, data protection services, and data de-duplication services.

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Storage Offering

We support our customers with block, fileshare, and object & unified storage such as Ceph.


VMware Certification Testing for Unified Storage Appliance

Calsoft helped the customer with VMware Certification Testing for Unified Storage Appliance to resolve issues faced due to changes made by VMware in ESXi 5 while certifying their products.

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OS Independent Unified Snapshot Solution Development

Calsoft developed an OS Independent/Unified Snapshot Solution, which included RAID configuration, helping the customer with quick application instance provisioning from the snapshots.

Storage Resiliency

Our storage resiliency offerings include RAID, replication, and mirroring.


Storage Provisioning

We support our customers with provisioning for physical and virtual infrastructure, using any of the vendor-provided mechanisms (SMI-S, VAAI, OpenStack Cinder, Ceph, etc.).


Cinder Plugin

Calsoft developed a Cinder plugin for a storage array vendor, enabling the customer to gain more business and the end customer to efficiently manage the storage array from OpenStack Horizon

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VMware vROPs MP for Monitoring and Capacity Planning

Calsoft developed a vROPs management pack to help the customer monitor large deployment environment with over 50K VMs; meet vROPs performance SLAs; and represent large inter-related metrics effectively

Storage Capacity Planning & Maintenance

We assist our customers with alerts-based or query-based management layer. We also offer metering and automated capacity structuring, block-level deduplication, and more.

Storage Tiering

We help our customers identify warm and cold data, along with automated tiering and archiving for legal compliance.


Cloud Integrated Archive Storage

Calsoft was engaged with the client for integrating cloud archive storage. The engagement underpinned: integration with Windows Azure, implementation of data retention and destruction policies, and redesigning graphical user interface.

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Data protection of Microsoft Hyper-V platform

Calsoft assisted the customer in developing a plugin for Windows Hyper-V using a web-based UI and a centralized way of configuring backup and restore policies for Hyper-V.

Data Protection, Backup & Recovery

Our data protection and backup & recovery offerings include RPO; RTO; event-based data protection strategies; snapshot & copy data-based protection for volume-based & file-based data; and application-aware backup & recovery.


Storage Security

Our matured storage security offerings include enhanced encryption; automated error correction in disk enclosures; and policy & authentication-based storage access.


Deployment of Microservices security platform on AWS

Calsoft built an automation solution to deploy the customer’s microservices security platform in the Kubernetes cluster on Microsoft Azure.

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