Product Re-engineering

Leverage emerging technologies to your business advantage by re-engineering and modifying existing products and applications. IT helps in optimizing the performance of the product and allows addition of new functionalities to it, which were missing in the earlier version. Calsoft’s team of product engineering experts assists customers in improving product functionalities by enhancing the features, optimizing programs, and polishing design & architecture.

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Architecture & Design Fine Tuning

We assist product companies in fine tuning their existing product architecture and design to get a more augmented version that performs better. Going beyond just fixing bugs and flaws, we primarily focus on the scalability and flexibility of the product being re-engineered.


Cloud Monitoring Solution

Calsoft was engaged with the client for developing multi-tenant cloud infrastructure monitoring solution.

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Porting Of Linux Distributions and Kernel Versions for Nas Box

The engagement underpinned: making available NAS box on a variety of Linux distributions with various kernel versions; work while porting product to various Linux distributions.

Code Optimization & Refactoring

Our technology experts help in optimizing software codes to increase the efficiency and performance of the system with minimal dependencies on external resources. Our programming experts try to fix the existing software design and structure by restructuring the software code.


Usability Engineering

We understand that many product features can become obsolete over time. Our seasoned Usability engineering team provides structured methods for achieving efficiency and elegance in interface design for our customers.


GUI Development and Testing For SSD/Flash Drive

Calsoft supported the customer with GUI development and testing of SSD/Flash drive, helping eliminate I/O bottleneck in a virtualized environment and making the GUI more user-friendly.

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Testing Of Wi-Fi Access Points

Calsoft engineers tested enterprise-grade Wi-Fi access points using manual testing methodologies, along with automation frameworks using Python.


Benchmarking is crucial for understanding how your product is faring vis-à-vis its competition. Our benchmarking support covers a gamut of activities including strategy, process, design & technology optimization, innovation, implementation of industry best practices that help our customers stay abreast of market changes and save on time and costs.

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Key Highlights

Dashboard for Multi-Cloud Visibility & Provisioning

Calsoft was engaged with the customer to create a single application to manage resources across multiple clouds.

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