DevSecOps enables organizations to apply security practices to the application development cycle right at an early stage. It helps in integrating the DevOps pipeline with apt security tools to maintain the continuity of the workflows and the development cycle. Essentially, it is the process of optimizing performance without compromising on security or compliance. Calsoft facilitates organizations looking to embed security in their DevOps pipeline with best practices and helps them integrate their processes with the right security solutions.
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DevSecOps Implementation

We help our customers implement DevSecOps by integrating the Development cycle, DevOps pipeline, and Security practices. Our DevSecOps offerings empower our customers to develop robust and highly secure applications.

Servicenow Integration for Itom (IT Operations Management)

Calsoft developed a ServiceNow plug-in for the customer, providing ITOM support.


Code Analysis

Our DevSecOps team collaborates throughout the software development life cycle to detect any vulnerabilities in the code by delivering segments of code that can be remediated easily without majorly impacting the flow of the development cycle.

Change Management

Development teams tend to rapidly deploy changes overlooking the risks involved. Change management under the DevSecOps approach helps in determining the impact of the change and improves the overall efficiency.

Compliance Monitoring

We help teams implementing DevSecOps stay abreast of the industry regulations and in a constant state of compliance to norms such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), CCPA, PCI, and other compliances. This way, they are always prepared for untimely or sudden audits.

Vulnerability Assessment

We help companies with the detection of new vulnerabilities and responding to them. Vulnerability of processes to external or internal threats can be assessed using several methods such as threat modeling; version control, metadata, and orchestration; incident management, security architecture; proactive security assessments like penetration testing & bug bounties; and more.



Containerized Application Code Security

Calsoft helped the customer perform analysis and scanning of containerized application software for vulnerability assessment and security checks at the source code level.

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