Companies are adopting groundbreaking approaches for the frontend development of their software, website, or applications. They have become more aware of the trending technologies and are making choices best suited for their brand and audience. Calsoft, with years of expertise in UX & UI engineering and honed skills in data & GUI tools such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more, helps customers create extraordinary interfaces that are modern, smart, and high performing.

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Automated Testing

Shortened product cycles mean repetitive testing tasks need to be automated to keep pace with the delivery pipeline. We assist our customers in automating test cases for improved software quality and timely delivery.

GUI Test Automation for Converged Infrastructure

Calsoft engaged with the customer for development of GUI Automation framework and test case script development to enable automated testing of the Product GUI.

Parallel Testing

Parallel Testing

To reduce the time spent on testing, often testing multiple applications or subcomponents of one application concurrently rather than serially becomes a necessity. Our testing engineers ensure timely and quick test runs to run the delivery pipeline smoothly.

QA Integration With CI/CD Pipeline

Integration testing requires QA teams to implement continuous testing in the delivery pipeline by ensuring faster evaluation. Our QA experts help customers by integrating QA with the CI/CD pipeline.

Development Of Central Security Engine

Calsoft engaged with the customer as their engineering development partner for developing end-to-end on-prem Central Security Engine to manage the large scale Anti-virus agents in the network.


Scalability Testing

Regular software testing processes fail to address non-functional capabilities testing of the software such as performance, scalability, and more. We help customers with scalability testing that measures the product’s capability to scale to increased data volume, user traffic, rising number of transactions, and other changes.

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