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We enable product and platform companies to create robust software that gets to the market faster & in a cost-effective manner because of the constant influx of new technology and devices in the market. Adopting digital product engineering services integrated with the latest technologies is thus rapidly becoming the go-to strategy of many organizations. This approach helps in reducing complexities and allows its adopters to pivot easily and quickly to changing market conditions.

Our customers rely on us for our deep focus on core & new-age technologies, continuous innovation, home-bred IPs, unique business models, and mature processes.

Product Engineering

Our software product engineering solutions cover the entire expanse of the product lifecycle—right from designing to deployment. Our deep expertise in product innovation and modifications applies to all stages of product development.

Digital Innovation

Our Digital Transformation solutions keep enterprises abreast of the rapidly changing customer demands and support continuous innovation.

Open-Source Technologies

SAAS Engineering

We assist ISVs in devising SaaS strategies with our rich experience in virtualization, and also help with complete Platform Management, Usability Testing, UI Development, User Experience Improvement, and more.

Technology Consulting

We help our customers achieve seamless integration with multiple technologies to gain the maximum business value and a top-notch performance from our offerings.




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Our Services

Transforming your idea into Reality

Product Engineering

  • Product Development
  • Product Modernization
  • Plug-in Development
  • Product Support
  • Ecosystem Integration
  • Product Testing
  • UI/UX Engineering

Digital Innovation

  • Cloudification and Virtualization Solutions
  • Software-defined Services
  • IoT Integration & Data Analytics

SAAS Engineering

  • SaaS Enablement
  • SaaSOps Support
  • Mobile Enablement

Technology Consulting

  • ServiceNow Plugin Development, Certification, Security Operations
  • AI/ML-enabled Solutions
  • Modernization Services

Success Stories

Our expertise for ISVs has matured over a period of two decades. Our innovative approaches help us keep our customers ahead of their competition. See some of our best work in this domain.

Development of Comprehensive Cloud Management Platform

Calsoft assisted a leading cloud company as their development partner for their continuously evolving cloud management platform, helping them with improved performance and enhanced product features.

Curate and deploy machine learning models

Calsoft assisted the customer in maintenance and feature enhancement of Darwin, a tool that helps to build, curate, and deploy machine learning models.

ServiceNow – Incident Management

Calsoft helped the customer develop and enhance the ServiceNow Incident Management Module, where a plugin enabled the end user to raise requests to minimize the negative impact of service disruption on business operations.

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