Platform for GPT Deployment and Training with Few-Shot Learning

Imagine having a powerful language model like GPT at your disposal, tailored specifically to your products and services. With our platform for GPT deployment and training, one of our customers made this vision a reality. 

Generic GPT platforms rely on generic data available on the internet and other sources. This often leads to generic responses that may not align with your company’s unique offerings. Additionally, these platforms pose data security risks, as they are open to all, potentially exposing your sensitive information to the web. 

Our customer could deploy LLM (Large Language Model) models like GPT on their infrastructure, regained control over their data, and ensured its security. Our platform enabled our customer to train the GPT model using their own data, resulting in responses that were specific to their organization and its products or services. 

You can download the entire case study and know all about this tool and how our customer benefited from it. Contact us today and let’s embark on this transformative journey together.

Our Latest Success Stories

Platform for Contract Review

Calsoft recognized the need for an innovative solution and stepped in to empower contract managers. We have developed a cutting-edge platform powered by GPT technology, which revolutionizes the contract review...


Intent-Based Networking Platform

The client is a networking company, working in the field of AI-powered networking. Calsoft was engaged by the client to develop and enhance their intent-based networking product.


User State Migration Solution

Calsoft was engaged with the client for development of backup & restore library / tool that will remove the client’s dependency on Microsoft USMT solution. The engagement involved: The engagement...


Appliance Management Interface

Calsoft was engaged by the client to build an appliance management interface. The engagement involved: The engagement primarily involved: Resolving unavailability of web interface to manage de-dupe appliance Dealing with lack...


Microsoft SCOM Monitoring Solution

Calsoft was engaged with the customer to develop a Microsoft SCOM based monitoring solution for custom hardware. The engagement involved: The engagement primarily involved: Centralized monitoring of customer hardware using...


NFV TCO Calculator Phase 2

Calsoft was engaged by the customer to upgrade their existing NFV TCO Calculator tool to calculate cost-savings opportunities by virtualizing the VoLTE network with VMware.


Cloud Storage Gateway

Calsoft was engaged with the client to develop Cloud Storage Gateway to provide access to on-premises and public cloud storage with S3-compatible object storage connectivity. The engagement underpinned: The engagement...


Phoenix Agent Development

Calsoft was engaged by the client to design a VMware agent for backup and restoring VMware virtual machines and a backup proxy client virtual appliance. The engagement primarily involved making sure...


VMware App Volumes BCDR Manager

The engagement primarily involved: Calsoft was engaged with VMware for designing and developing an App Volume BCDR Manager, with the primary responsibility being to replicate and populate App Stack .vmdk...


Virtualization Lab (Web App) Software Development

Calsoft was engaged with the client for developing virtualization lab software. The engagement underpinned: The engagement primarily involved: Provisioning virtual sandbox on-demand with remote access Client could provide a publishable...


Development of Central Security Engine

Calsoft engaged with the customer as their engineering development partner for developing end-to-end on-prem Central Security Engine to manage the large scale Anti-virus agents in the network.