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Network Transformation Solutions & Services for Enhanced Network Performance

Calsoft specializes in high-performing networking and telecom product engineering services. From SDN, SD-WAN, SASE to emerging approaches like Open RAN, Telco Cloud, and network slicing, we offer comprehensive development, testing, and support to accelerate your product releases. With our expertise in cutting-edge technologies, including AI and generative AI, we can assist you in adopting these transformative solutions to enhance networking capabilities for your customers. Partnering with industry leaders, we ensure our services are at the forefront of network transformation. Choose Calsoft for trusted expertise and success in the dynamic world of networking and telecom.

Enabled Networking

5G Enabled Networking

Our 5G telecom services and solutions cater to enterprises and CSPs getting on board this wave of 5G, Edge and Cloud. With innovative technologies and advancements, our telecom solutions for 5G services can handle networking operations of any size and complexity.

5GPrivate 5G

Private 5G

Calsoft’s expertise in wireless engineering and 5G solution gives us a unique edge in the Private 5G space. This enables customers to continue their operations, even when unforeseen events occur.

Telco Cloud

Telco Cloud

The legacy network infrastructure used by the Telecom companies is no longer up to the task. Transitioning from existing hardware-centric networks to modern virtualized modular solutions is the only way forward.

Automation and Orchestration

Automation and Orchestration

By enabling various network automation services and orchestrating their end-to-end setup, you can ensure that your network will be able to stand up to the requirements of the future. With Calsoft’s expertise, you can implement services like network provisioning & configuration, service orchestration, and more with ease.

Edge Cloud Management

Edge Cloud Management

Through our Edge Cloud services, we deliver clear & tactile benefits in terms of higher network performance, real-time analytics, flexible deployment, and process automation. Couple that with Calsoft’s expertise in open-source, and you can see how we help organizations bring 5G to the edge

Network Function Virtualization

Network Function Virtualization

Designed to replace network hardware, NFV systems use a combination of Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) and Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) hardware to provide several benefits. Now, you can leverage Calsoft’s NFV engineering and service offerings to get validated and benchmarked solutions comprising hardware and third-party software.

VNF Development

VNF Development

Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) are feature-rich software applications that deliver network functions for routers, directory services, load balancers, firewalls, and similar components.

Software Defined Networks

Software Defined Networks

Software Defined Networks are a form of Network Virtualization, providing centralized control of any network deployment. SDNs facilitate deployment flexibility and agility, allowing for better overall control over multiple types of networks. Calsoft can empower your networks to accelerate your product development services and deployment.

Software Defined Networks- Wide Area Networks


Software Defined Wide Area Networks, better known as SD-WAN, are a major upgrade for traditional Wide Area Networks. Features like flexible WAN provisioning, optimized cloud traffic routing, and enhanced security make it a distinct improvement, providing several advantages. Calsoft can help you leverage the power of multiple transport services to create secure connections.



Calsoft’s O-RAN solutions pave the way to an open mobile future with enhanced mobile access efficiency, strong network performance, and robust security – all within the fast-evolving 5G ecosystem. O-RAN brings in flexible and cost-effective solutions/deployment options, eliminating vendor lock-in.

Network Operations

Network Operations

Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) are feature-rich software applications that deliver network functions for routers, directory services, load balancers, firewalls, and similar components. A VNF enables better use of network resources by running on an NFV Infrastructure (NFVI).



AIOps is a combinative game-changer for the telecom industry, combining AI (Artificial Intelligence) with Telecom Ops (Operations). With AIOps, telecom management and customer experience become smarter and more responsive. From anomaly detection to operational execution, AIOps can improve network performance and lower operational costs with time. Calsoft’s AIOps experts help you shift from reactive network analytics to proactive network analytics.

Wireless Engineering

Wireless Engineering

As Wi-Fi technology continues to revolutionize digital communications, wireless engineering helps enterprises make the most of their Wi-Fi-enabled devices, from laptops to printers. Wireless engineering ensures that your networks and their numerous connected devices can self-augment for new features and enhanced performance. Wireless connectivity empowers network providers to establish stronger connections between network nodes, data carriers, and hardware – all in a cost-effective way.

Open-Source Technologies

Open-Source Technologies

Open-source technology is enabling the telecom industry to innovate at a faster pace without falling into the vendor lock-in trap. Now, most CSPs use open-source software code to run their services, in public as well as private domains. Calsoft, with their expertise, enables organizations to reinvent offerings by making network infrastructure more flexible and less dependent on any proprietary hardware.

Our 5G Lab Solutions

Addressing your quest for efficiency

5G Network Function deployed on AWS Local Zones

Latency has become important with 5G evolution. Telco organizations are deploying 5G network function on a public cloud such as AWS, in such case, meeting low latency needs becomes very important. Calsoft developed a solution that helps telco deploy 5G on AWS with ease. Contact us to deploy 5G on AWS in our 5G Lab.

Edge Multi-cluster orchestrator (EMCO) on AWS

EMCO is a geo-distributed application orchestrator for Kubernetes and can interact with multiple edge clusters hosted on several platforms, be it public cloud or on-premise infrastructure. Calsoft has developed an intelligent solution to implement EMCO on AWS for smart edge orchestration. Contact us to try out EMCO on AWS in our 5G Lab.

AETHER in a Box (5G core deployment in a Box)

Aether™ is ONF’s new 5G Connected Edge platform. "Aether-in-a-box" is a compact version of the Aether™ platform. It offers mobile connectivity and edge cloud services to distributed enterprise networks. Calsoft provides an “Aether-in-a-box” deployment solution that is hosted on the AWS cloud. Contact us to try out AETHER in a Box in our 5G Lab.

Our Services

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Product Development

  • Protocol Plug-ins and Converters 
  • Controller Development and Integration 
  • Firmware Posting and Development 
  • API Development 
  • Orchestration Management and Security 

Cloud Native Development

  • Containers and Microservices
  • Serverless Architecture

CloudOps and DevOps

  • CI/CD 
  • Automated Provisioning and Orchestration 
  • CloudOps Management 

Security and Monitoring

  • Data Protection and Privacy 
  • EndPoint Security 
  • Container Security 
  • Cloud Security 
  • Cyber Security 
  • Intelligence Log and Performance analysis 
  • Configuration Compliance 

Support Services

  • Software Development
  • Solution Validation
  • Quality Assurance
  • Managed Services 

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