Cloud Migration

The first step towards taking your workloads to the cloud is migration. The best way to start the migration journey is by choosing the right deployment model that aligns with your cloud strategy and overall requirements. This is essential to make sure that any data migration is both smooth and successful and delivers business value in terms of performance, security, and ROI.

So, have you decided to migrate your workloads to the cloud?

This process becomes a bit challenging, particularly when it comes to the migration of your business-critical applications. Calsoft eases the migration process by assisting you throughout the migration journey. Right from need assessment to cloud selection & management to testing and evaluation of the outcomes.

Calsoft has a track record of solving complex migrations, mitigating risks, easing complexities, automating, and implementing an optimally quick migration.

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Infrastructure Migration

Experience more agility, security, and efficiency by taking your computing, storage, and networking to the cloud with us. Our offerings include assessment of the existing infrastructure, migration services, and optimization of the existing setup.
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vCenter Plug-in Upgrade to Flex based interface

Calsoft helped the customer with VMware Certification Testing for Unified Storage Appliance to resolve issues faced due to changes made by VMware in ESXi 5 while certifying their products.

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CI-CD using Jenkins pipeline

Calsoft helped a virtualization product company manage their build and release of the product by maintaining complex build setup with 100 odd git repositories via Jenkins (CI).

Application Migration

Migrate your business-critical application to the cloud seamlessly with our cloud application migration services. Modernize and re-engineer your applications while you accelerate their migration to the cloud using proven frameworks with us.


Data Migration

Take your data onto the cloud with our data migration services securely and with minimum business impact. Make data-driven decisions and gain intelligent business insights.


Cloud Gateway to S3 and Azure

Calsoft implemented a cloud gateway to migrate data from traditional storage to cloud seamlessly by integrating with iSCSI target on the premises side.

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Microservices architecture for Identity Management application

Calsoft helped convert the monolithic architecture of an identity service management product to microservices-based architecture to achieve more scalability.


Extend your legacy data centers into new container ecosystems, armed with the necessary tools to manage the platform. Our offerings include Microservices Implementation, VM to Containers Transition, Container Security, Orchestration & Service Chaining, Container Monitoring, and more.


To know more about how we can align our expertise to your requirements, reach out to us.

Key Highlights
Datacenter Migration and Consolidation

Calsoft was engaged with the client for P2V2C migration. Key hurdles were large data (64TB), scattered over multiple servers and complex dependency between applications and with legacy storage infrastructure.

Migration of 900 physical servers running approx. 20 live business applications to a completely virtualized infrastructure
Limited downtime window (SAT 6AM till SUN 6AM)

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