Container Security

The increasing adoption of containerization technology has heightened the necessity of container security. Container security not only helps protect a container, but also safeguards the application that holds it, along with the infrastructure. Our end-to-end container security expertise helps you protect your containerized environment and the communication between containers and the orchestration platform.

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Service Mesh Implementation

An opensource project, Service Mesh controls the way data is transferred in the application. Calsoft’s containerization team helps with Service Mesh building and implementation on the infrastructure layer of the application.


Kubernetes Hardening

Kubernetes, a widely used container orchestration platform, can provide a large attack surface if its cluster is not hardened. We help in Kubernetes hardening for simplified and secure container orchestration.

Container Runtime Protection

Our container security specialists assist in checking every activity in the container application – right from container and host activity analysis to monitoring the network connection protocols and payloads.


Containerized Application Code Security

Calsoft helped the customer by performing analysis and scanning of containerized application software for vulnerability assessment and security checks at the source-code level.

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Development of Central Security Engine of Central Security Engine

Calsoft engaged with the customer as their engineering development partner for developing end-to-end on-prem Central Security Engine to manage the large scale Anti-virus agents in the network.

QA & CI/CD Security

Continuous testing has become a predominant part of the QA process in the SDLC. Continuous integration and continuous delivery being actively followed processes under DevOps, we help in continuous testing and CI/CD security to ensure the correctness and agility of the process.
QA & CICD Security

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Key Highlights

Azure Test Drive for Container Security Product

Calsoft was engaged with a client having Container Security product, to create a Azure test-drive. The test-drive aimed as showcasing the features and use-cases of their product in Microsoft Azure platform.

Client was able to showcase its products, offerings and use-cases in Azure environment.
This helped in increasing customer acceptance and awareness of their products

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