Shine a Spotlight on Your Products
Shine a Spotlight on Your Products

Staying relevant in today’s market where the consumer has enough options to cause information overload is a difficult proposition. This also holds true for vendors who need that something extra to get noticed by their prospective customers. And this is where product certifications come into the picture. Certified products ensure compatibility across platforms, servers, storage, and key applications. Certification also assures end customers about product quality and ultimately helps increase opportunities for generating revenue.

Calsoft has assisted multiple customers from the Storage, Virtualization, and Networking domains in getting their products certified for different environments, making their products market-ready in an efficient manner.

Citrix Ready Certification

Gain best-in-class compute and virtualization infrastructure, and visibility for your products in the virtualization space. Calsoft assists storage ISVs in testing and verifying their products to make them compatible with the Citrix Ready program. Calsoft’s Citrix Ready certification services include computing, performance, scalability, and resilience verification.

Citrix Certification

Calsoft helped the customer in getting Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop certification for their desktop application.

To know more about how we can align our expertise to your requirements, reach out to us.

VMware Ready Certification

Ensure your products satisfy specific VMware integration and interoperability standards and gain visibility in the market. Calsoft offers VMware Ready certifications for Storage, Networking, Security, and Cloud products and applications.

VMware VAAI Block Certification for Storage Product

Calsoft carried out certification testing of the customer’s iSCSI block storage product for its VAAI compatibility.

To know more about how we can align our expertise to your requirements, reach out to us.

Key Engagements
VMware VAAI Block Certification for TrueNAS Storage

Calsoft developed a vRO plugin for the customer. The plugin helps in running the workflows and performs multiple operations on storage infrastructure. The engagement underpinned:

  • Development of plugin
  • Bug fixing
  • Certification
VMware Certification Testing for Unified Storage Appliance

Calsoft was engaged with the client for VMware Certification Testing for Unified Storage Appliance. The engagement underpinned:

  • Solving issues faced by the client due to changes made by VMware in ESXi 5 while certifying their products, and making them workable with vSphere 5
  • Running S/W iSCSI certification and impart training in FC certification for their unified storage appliance
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