IT Infrastructure Services

In this Digital Era, an always-on enterprise is the need of the nano-second. The same holds true for the IT infrastructure on which this enterprise is supposed to run. We work closely with our customers, many times as an extension of their own teams, to improve operational efficiency and minimize downtime and costs, with a sharp focus on resource optimization and ROI.

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Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure: Design & Validation

Calsoft assisted the customer in designing and validating VMware-based IaaS (Stellar) for SAP HANA workloads to ensure high availability, manageability, and monitoring.

Infrastructure Management

We provide our customers control over functions responsible for diverse technical operations across physical and virtual environments with the aim to make the business more agile, customer-oriented, secure, and ahead of its competitors. 

Infrastructure Design & Validation
Datacenter Consolidation
ITSM/ITOM Integrations
Cloud Integrations – BaaS, DRaaS & DBaaS
Application & Data Migration
AIOPs Support

Network & Security

We support our customers with a well-defined network architecture that can be easily optimized for availability, performance, and security. Our offerings include:

Network Design & Validation
SDN Integrations
NFV Deployments
Integrated Identity & Access
Network Operations Centers
AWS & Azure Networking
Network Security
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QA Automation for Network Security product

Calsoft developed a backup & restore tool for the customer to remove their dependency on a Microsoft USMT solution.

SDN Solution: pre-deployment analytics tool

Calsoft assisted the customer in creating a tool for analytics and reports to find cost benefits of NSX deployment in a data center.


Application Management

We assist our customers in managing and improving applications throughout their life cycle. This includes designing, testing, improving app performance, right up to sustaining and end-of-life support. Our offerings include:

Application Development & QE
Application Modernization
Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)
Containerization & Scaling
Cloud-native Applications
Engineering & Production DevOps

Monitoring & Compliance

When competing in an open marketplace, your product is also subject to several compliances⁠—industry best practices, regulatory mandates, and such. We support our customers in complying with such regulations. Our offerings include:

Infrastructure Monitoring
Integrated Application Monitoring
Intelligent Log & Performance Analysis
Resource & Usage Auditing
Configuration Compliance
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DMTF-SMASH conformance Dev & QA for Server Hardware vendor

Calsoft helped the customer with the development & QA of their server’s system management API for conformance with SMASH standards.

SDN Solution: pre-deployment analytics tool

Calsoft assisted the customer in creating a tool for analytics and reports to find cost benefits of NSX deployment in a data center.


IT Automation & Analytics

Calsoft supports its customers with automation of legacy processes to improve efficiency. When automation is clubbed with analytics and a touch of Artificial Intelligence, it facilitates digital transformation in an enterprise. Our offerings in this space are:

Day 0 – Day N Infrastructure Automation
Dev, Test & Production Automation
CI/CD, CD/CD Pipeline
Data Lakes & Pipelines
Analysis & Visualization
Datacenter IoT Platforms

Edge Computing

We help our customers enhance the performance of their Internet devices and web applications by bringing computing closer to the source of data via Edge computing. This not only helps minimize latency for time-sensitive applications, but also helps bring down bandwidth usage and eases network congestion. Our offerings include:

At-source or On-prem Data Processing
Temporary Data Storage
Real-time Data Analysis
Real-time Action Response
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Edge Computing IoT Application using EdgeXFoundry

Calsoft created a PoC on the EdgeX Foundry stack, which handles virtual application devices and helps collect information for analysis in different business cases.

To know more about how we can align our expertise to your requirements, reach out to us.

Key Engagement

Platform for Contract Review

Calsoft recognized the need for an innovative solution and stepped in to empower contract managers. We have developed a cutting-edge platform powered by GPT technology, which revolutionizes the contract review...


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