Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping is an iterative process used for the development of software products or websites. It enables quick creation of mockups of a product before it reaches the production stage. This way, the UX/UI can be validated by the stakeholders in advance, thus avoiding major expenses that can occur when changes are introduced into production. This method is adopted from the manufacturing industry and the process can be exhaustive and iterative. Calsoft supports customers through the complete cycle of rapid prototyping – right from building, reviewing, revising, till the prototype is released for production.

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Conceptual Sketches

This process is simple and helps in conveying the idea by creating conceptual sketches that guide with the checkpoints during actual prototyping. Calsoft’s creative experts help in quick conceptual sketches to define the flow of design and functionalities.

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Edge Device Orchestration: Configuration and Monitoring Console

Calsoft developed an orchestration platform to configure, monitor and administer the edge devices and servers.

Interactive Wireframes

Wireframes are more detailed and interactive versions of sketches. They provide an in-depth and complex mapping of the elements on a website or in a software. We assist our customers in creating interactive wireframes that make the testing of ideas and concepts easier.


Working Prototypes

Working prototypes are one step before building a final production-ready product. They help in understanding the complete functionality-related aspects of the product and improve the look and feel of the website or application.

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Prototype Development Service

Provided scale up or down model – scaled engineering resources per POC or scaled number of POCs, while maintaining a small constant team; maintained IP confidentiality; converted POC into a deliverable product based on findings and feasibility.


To know more about how we can align our expertise to your requirements, reach out to us.

Key Highlights
Web UI for Device Provisioning

Calsoft helped a global IIOT solution provider develop a comprehensive user interface, backend for administration and configuration in IIoT platform.

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