VMware Expertise

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) building products to be deployed in a virtual environment such as VMware need to be aware of the underlying policies, architecture, APIs, interfaces, and other requirements of VMware products. Calsoft assists ISVs in integrating their storage and networking products with the VMware ecosystem, and with other application development and monitoring solutions.

Calsoft’s expertise in building, testing, and deploying customers’ products in the VMware ecosystem helps them with faster delivery, better flexibility, and enhanced security. As a VMware Technology Alliance Partner, Calsoft has rich experience in driving the VMware ecosystem with exposure to nearly all VMware products, giving an added advantage to our customers.

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vCloud Director and vCenter Lab Manager

Calsoft assists ISVs, who have Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) as their customers, to leverage vCloud Director for cloud integration requirements. We are a VMware Technology Alliance Partner – Elite level, which helps us bring niche expertise to assist vCenter Lab Manager and vCloud Director users.

vCloud Availability Orchestration For vCloud Director

Calsoft helped the customer with building vCloud Availability Orchestration for Cloud DR Service.

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Performance Testing of VDI infrastructure

Calsoft helped the customer with performance testing of VDI infrastructure with and without vendor storage optimization solution.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Enterprises are increasingly adopting virtual desktop infrastructures (VDIs) to extend the benefits of virtualization from servers to user desktops. Calsoft helps customers implement VDI solutions and resolve the associated challenge of understanding licensing requirements for the performance of a wide area network.


Virtual Machine Archival APIs

Virtual machine sprawl results from persistent deployment and growth of virtual machines, some of which sit unused long after their useful lives. Virtual machine archival enablement is hence an opportunity to save the wastage of top-dollar primary storage. Calsoft assists server virtualization vendors as well as data protection vendors in enabling standardization of APIs for virtual machine archival.

Calsoft helped the customer with backup & restore capabilities through VM LabManager; developed backup of virtual machine library configurations; and more.

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VMware VAAI Block Certification for TrueNAS Storage

Calsoft carried out certification testing of the customer’s iSCSI block storage product-“TrueNAS” for its VAAI compatibility.

VMware APIs

vStorage API for Array Integration (VAAI) is developed to address the challenges faced during the expansion in the number of virtual machines (VMs). Calsoft has developed a VAAI test framework especially for storage vendors looking to validate their VAAI implementation in a timely and cost-effective fashion and assists vendors with its VAAI-based integration expertise.


EVO: RAIL represents a new range of Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) offerings from VMware.  This is different from converged architectures (vBlock/Flexpod) as there isn’t a storage array involved, instead, there is VMware Virtual SAN. Calsoft assists vendors in adopting these new range HCI offerings from VMware.


VMware VIO NFV Platform Deployment Automation

Calsoft automated the deployment of VMWare VIO and other relevant VMware components like ESXi, VCSA, PSC, vSAN, and NSX for the customer’s NFV platform.

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vRealize Orchestration Plugin Development

Calsoft developed a vRO plugin for the customer’s SAN Storage Array with workflows related to Storage Discovery and Login, Creation of Initiator and Initiator Groups, Storage Provisioning, & Creation of DataStore.

VMware Orchestrator Plugin

VMware vCenter Orchestrator is a development and process-automation engine that provides a library of extensible workflows to manage VMware, vSphere, and other third-party technologies. Calsoft’s VCO plugin solution assists vendors in orchestrating their customers’ storage and virtualization infrastructure and reducing costs, errors, and the time spent.

VMware Storage Certification

To leverage the flexibility, cost efficiency, and high availability of VMware Infrastructure, ISVs need to certify their products. Calsoft assists vendors looking for VMware storage certification to qualify their products for hardware compatibility with VMware infrastructure.

VMware VAAI Block Certification for TrueNAS Storage

Calsoft carried out certification testing of the customer’s iSCSI block storage product-“TrueNAS” for its VAAI compatibility.

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VxBlock Configuration Automation

Calsoft helped the customer configure and monitor physical and virtual converged infrastructure in the VMWare ecosystem, using vRO workflows of vCenter.

VMware vCenter Operations Manager

VMware vCenter Operations Manager (VCOPS) provides comprehensive visibility and insights into the performance, capacity, and health of your infrastructure. Calsoft helps ISVs integrate their virtual environments with VCOPS via VCOPS External Adaptor and VCOPS Embedded Adaptor.


Calsoft helps ISVs with integrating their storage systems (arrays) and storage software with the VMware vSphere ecosystem. Our niche expertise in vSphere 5.0 enables the revamping of storage products.


vCenter Plug-in Development

Calsoft helped the customer with plugin integration into the vSphere Web Client to monitor day-to-day management of large virtual environments within the vCenter.

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