UI Modernization

For a better user experience, dynamic interfaces, and great functionalities, organizations are opting to modernize their existing product interfaces by utilizing the latest & trending technologies, methods, design features, and best practices. Our modernization services include GUI, application, and technology modernization to provide better usability and experience to the end users.

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Application Modernization

To meet the sky-high demands of the market, it is absolutely vital to redefine your business processes to further improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your product. We provide end-to-end application modernization services that provide scalable and robust applications with an interactive & immersive user interface to align with the changing business needs.
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Application Modernization for Financial Domain

Calsoft helped a FinTech customer to transform their legacy applications to efficiently utilize their datacenter infrastructure and reduce CAPEX/OPEX.

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Vcenter Plug-In Upgrade to Flex-Based Interface

Calsoft upgraded the vCenter plugin to Flex-based interface to support both the new VMware vSphere Web Client (VWC) deployment architecture for the customer’s vCenter Server plugin, and the new Flex-based VWC user interface while keeping the backend technology stack intact.

Technology Modernization

Modern technology is rapidly growing and cannibalizing traditional technologies and methods. To stay abreast of this transformation, companies need to migrate their applications to new technologies. We help in migrating legacy applications to upcoming and trending technologies, resulting in enhanced user experience and agile applications.


GUI Modernization

An exceptional graphical user interface is essential for formulating a great user experience and hence updating GUI regularly helps keep the application au courant. Our UI experts assist in modernizing GUI for products and applications by leveraging the latest practices, tools, and techniques.


Web UI For Device Provisioning

Calsoft helped a global IIoT solution provider develop a comprehensive user interface, backend for administration and configuration of their IIoT platform.

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Key Highlights

Data protection of Microsoft Hyper-V platform

Calsoft assisted the customer in developing a plugin for Windows Hyper-V using a web-based UI and a centralized way of configuring backup and restore policies for Hyper-V.