Usability Testing

Usability testing helps a set of actual users to interact with the application and while they do so, they are observed to test the ease of interaction with the system, user-friendliness of the design, and more. Usability testing forms one of the important steps in the testing process to ensure the effectiveness and user-friendliness of the software application. Calsoft ensures that applications are designed with complete adherence to best practices for an exceptional user experience.

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Pilot Testing

It involves software testing in real-time operating conditions that helps in evaluating various parameters such as response time, performance, stability, and more. We assist companies by performing pilot testing of their applications, which further helps them fine-tune the design and improves the reliability of their products.

Application Modernization for Financial Domain

Calsoft helped a FinTech customer to transform their legacy applications to efficiently utilize their datacenter infrastructure and reduce CAPEX/OPEX.

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Application Monitoring Using Tigk Stack for A Supply Chain Management Client

Calsoft assisted a leading supply chain management company to build and port their infrastructure monitoring solution to the TIGK stack.

User Testing

User testing is done before application planning and development, where the users’ requirements are mapped against the application’s features. We help in bridging the gap between user requirements and application features by enhancing the existing application or recreating it.

Beta Testing

Products and software are often only alpha tested before delivery or release. The process of testing is peripheral and lacks a customer-centric approach, which may reveal the actual functional challenges. Calsoft helps bridge this gap by leveraging its testing accelerator called TestWhiz, where a pre-release beta version is tested by Calsoft’s team of testing experts.

QA Automation for Network Security Product

Calsoft helped a Network Security vendor to automate their the Functional & Non-Functional testing of their product portfolio.

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Key Highlights
Data protection of Microsoft Hyper-V platform

Calsoft assisted the customer in developing a plugin for Windows Hyper-V using a web-based UI and a centralized way of configuring backup and restore policies for Hyper-V.

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