Future-ready Virtualization Services
Calsoft helps global ISVs to develop and build a product across a range of virtual environments and assists in end-to-end management of virtualized resources.
Our certification services include detailed testing and evaluation of products to ensure that they meet the specific integration and interoperability standards set by leading brands like VMware, Microsoft, and Citrix, and enable customers to demonstrate their products' credibility.
Server, Desktop & Network Virtualization
Assisting in creation of various individual virtual servers from the same physical server, running without any operational and functional dependencies; creating hassle-free desktop environment using customized desktop images regardless of the underlying physical computer; real-time scaling of the available bandwidth on a network for the available network resources.
Plug-in Development
We help our customers to develop customized ServiceNow plugins. We also certify their solutions for featuring in the ServiceNow store and provide data center and SOAR support. Our expertise extends across all major hypervisor providers including VMware, Microsoft, Linux, and Citrix.
VMware Expertise
Our deep expertise in the VMware suite of products extends to VASA / vVols Integration for Storage vendors; security & compliance; backup & recovery; HA/DR/CA, Health and Performance Monitoring solutions for VMware ecosystem; plugin development; integration; and more.
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Industry Coverage
ISVs Product engineering and feature enhancement, ecosystem integration, product lifecycle management, QA, testing and maintenance, security assurance, application virtualization, and more
Data Centers Engineering and maintenance, data center virtualization, storage and backup solutions, cloud services, SAN, NAS, RAID, opensource and migration, real-time data analytics, and more
Networking & Telecom Network automation and virtualization, network and endpoint security, data storage and management, real-time data analytics, IoT integration, edge computing, NFV, VNF, and more
Retail: Efficient inventory management, better customer experience, scalable cloud storage, optimization of processes, SLA management, data security and privacy, VR/AR and more
Service Coverage
Product Engineering Cutting-edge offerings, right from designing to sustaining smart products through their life cycle
Digital Meaningful customer experiences, standardized operations, process automation, smart analytics, and more
Sustaining & Support Knowledge management, SLA management, faster ramp-ups and takeovers, improved productivity, and more
UI/UX Engineering UI modernization, front-end & mobile development, information architecture, rapid prototyping, reports & dashboards, and more

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