Secure the Blockchain Advantage

Blockchain has changed the way we carry out transactions with multiple trusted or untrusted parties. It is often viewed mistakenly as restricted only to financial transactions, but it has applications much beyond BFSI. The power of Blockchain can be leveraged in the areas of Storage, Data Centers, Cloud, Networking & Telecom, IoT, Virtualization, and more.
Calsoft understands the strong potential of Blockchain and offers solutions for its faster adoption. We help our customers design innovative, secure solutions that combine blockchain with the IoT, which can work as a fringe benefit for the business.

Blockchain Services

Blockchain Consultation

Devise a blockchain adoption plan for maximum business value. Our blockchain consultation solutions offer guidance to create differentiating blockchain business strategies. This includes assessment of your existing solution, defining the right technical components for the implementation, workflows & business goals, and more.

Blockchain Development

Once a Blockchain adoption roadmap is in place, we assist our customers in building a cutting-edge product – right from development & quality assurance to deployment along with ancillary services like UI/UX engineering and support & sustenance.

Blockchain Integration

Blockchain integration offers more efficiency, enhanced security, cost-saving, business process optimization, builds trust, and is highly scalable and agile.

Blockchain For Security

Datacenters using Blockchain technology provide customers with better storage security, preventing private and crucial data. Our Blockchain security offerings ensure a single source of truth, provide for fast and uncomplicated audits, along with a clear audit trail.

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