Integration Techniques Supported by ServiceNow

Integration Techniques Supported by ServiceNow

ServiceNow is known for its wide range of tools that integrate smoothly with many legacy systems. But what different types of integrations are available and supported by ServiceNow? To get answers join us on this podcast as Manish discusses different integration techniques and methods supported by ServiceNow. 

Discover which integration technique suits your business requirement best and make your own decisions. Manish also explains how Calosft helped some of its customers with ServiceNow integration which helped them better align and improve their IT services and processes with their business goals.

The podcast will guide you with:  

  • What is ServiceNow Integration
  • Integration techniques supported by ServiceNow
  • Integration Mechanism
  • Readily available plugins for integration
  • Use cases and examples

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About The Speaker

Manish Patil


Manish has a proven track record in the information technology and services industry, showcasing proficiency in Java, C, HTML, Jelly, and JavaScript. He serves as a ServiceNow expert at Calsoft and currently holds the role of Associate Architect, actively contributing to Calsoft’s ServiceNow practices. Manish has played a pivotal role in the development of ServiceNow solutions for various domains, including storage and virtualization.