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In their journey towards achieving digital transformation, organizations are prioritizing the need to stay connected, facilitated by deeper collaboration. The latest technologies have eased the process by providing ready and smart platforms for content creation and distribution, enhancing collaboration.

Calsoft’s deep experience in the digital domain and tight hold over next-generation technologies can help in a seamless integration of digital collaboration processes with your existing digital transformation strategies for better productivity and connectivity.

Ecosystem Integration

Harness the power of assorted technologies and benefits for better performance and returns.

  • Content Management Systems (CMS) & Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • Project/Task Management Products – JIRA, Asana, etc.
  • Integrate Plug-in Ecosystem: Q&A, Voting, Examination, Exercise, Calendar, Maps, etc.
  • Merge Video/Audio Conferences & Whiteboards
  • Bookmark Live & Offline Sessions and Capture Content on Cloud Account
NSX Integration for Micro-Segmentation Product

Calsoft provided a solution of NSX integration with a Micro-Segmentation product. It aimed at getting security policies from Central Policy Engine and translating them into NSX-specific rules for target VMs and hosts.

Multi-Channel Experience

Utilize a variety of touchpoints to maximize your outreach and enhance customer acquisition and retention.

  • Desktop & Mobile UI Development
  • Transactional UX
  • Responsive or Adaptive UI
  • Localization Services
  • Unified Dashboard at Organization Level for Usage & Billing Efficiency
ODC – Development and QA

Calsoft helped the customer with designing, implementing, and testing of their product feature set, which also included internationalization/localization support.

Intelligent & Context Awareness

Inject intelligence into everyday activities to improve productivity and performance.

  • ML-based Enhancements & Integrations with AI/ML Services
  • Content Understanding (Speech Recognition/NLP Technologies) & Sentiment Analysis
  • Bot Attendant to take notes and auto-generate MOMs
  • Bot Assistant to schedule meetings as per the availability of the requested slot across multiple accounts, improving efficiency at the organization level
  • Automated Transcription
Customer Interaction Tool (Voice to Text and Text to Speech)

Calsoft created a data pipe line customer interaction tool with voice recognition and text-to-speech responses.

Key Engagements
Dashboard For Multi-Cloud Visibility & Provisioning

Calsoft was engaged with the customer to create a single application to manage resources across multiple clouds.


  • A single application to manage components of different public clouds helped the end users to overcome the learning curve easily.
  • The reports and analytics from the same utility enabled better comparison and planning.
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