Product End of Life Management

The end of life (EOL) process for a product or technology involves a series of activities that need to be strategically planned so the end users don’t miss out on anything once the product becomes obsolete – this includes retirement planning, communication, phaseout process, and more. Calsoft assists product companies through the EOL process, adhering to company policies and industry best practices.

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Product Retirement Planning

We support our customers with block, fileshare, and object & unified storage such as Ceph.

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Backup And Recovery Product L3 Support Project

This project involved handling customer escalations for a backup & recovery product for VM on major virtualization products – VMware ESX and Microsoft Hyper-V; planning and providing hotfixes; assisting the customer’s development team to resolve any internal development bugs.

Full & Limited Sustaining Support

In most cases of the product EOL, complete product support is withdrawn. But in special cases where a customer is already using the product and doesn’t want to replace it with new one, product companies provide full and limited sustaining support. We support our customers with providing full/partial support in such instances.


Stakeholder Communication

In product EOL planning, communication is vital. Communicating with the right stakeholders at the customers’ end regarding the phase-out of the product and educating them with further instructions about product support, product replacement, and more is crucial. Calsoft supports product companies with targeted product documentation for this purpose.


Unified Backup and Recovery Product L2 Support Project

Calsoft provided escalation support (L2) for an enterprise-class backup and recovery product, with benefits including triaging and debugging customer problems with effective customer communication and reduction in the escalation backlog.


Phased Product Withdrawal

We support product companies with complete product withdrawal in a phased manner – right from planning to execution. This includes withdrawal of the product from all the mediums through which it is sold, executed, presented.


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Key Highlights

Dashboard for Multi-Cloud Visibility & Provisioning

Calsoft was engaged with the customer to create a single application to manage resources across multiple clouds.

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