Edge enables data processing and computing as close as possible to the device or the location where data is consumed instead of depending on cloud or data centers. Edge computing helps in reducing latency with enhanced security and improved bandwidth utilization.

Calsoft helps customers by delivering on-premises services to process and analyze their data at the edge. We have also contributed to opensource projects such as Akraino Edge Stack, EdgeXFoundry, StarlingX, Intel’s OpenNESS, and more.

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Edge Orchestrator

We assist customers in deploying edge applications on edge data centers based on bare metal servers and AWS-based K8S clusters. The edge orchestrator is driven by AI/ML functionality to configure the policies seamlessly.

Edge Orchestrat

Edge Device Orchestration: Configuration & Monitoring Console

Calsoft supported the customer in developing an orchestration platform to configure, monitor, and administer edge devices and servers.

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Edge Computing IoT Application using EdgeXFoundry

Calsoft created a POC on the EdgeX Foundry stack, which handles virtual application devices and helps collect information for analysis in different business cases.

Edge Analytics

We enable data collection and analysis near the devices using edge analytics for reduced latency, faster decisions, lowered costs, and real-time analysis. It facilitates our customers to transform their data into actionable insights.

Cloud Integration

Edge computing provides a high level of flexibility by integrating with various cloud-enabled platforms. Calsoft assists enterprises with edge-to-cloud integration solutions with its in-depth knowledge and rich experience in cloud technology and integrations services.

Cloud Integration

Network Edge – Ironic BareMetal Management using DRAC and Redfish driver

Calsoft helped the customer add support for Dell hardware in OpenStack Ironic and dracclient.


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