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Empowering enterprises with cloud enablement and related services to accelerate their growth journey

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Cloud Solutions


VM Migration, VMware as a Service, Infrastructure Automation


Application Migration, Legacy Application modernization, Cloud Native App Development


Database Migration and Modernization, Data Quality Management


Data Ingestion, Data lake creation, and Management, Data Transformation, AI/ML engineering, Visualization

Cloud Partner

Industry Solutions

Retail & CPG

Customer Data Platform, Product Analytics, Operations Analytics

Networking & Telecom

Digital Product Engineering, Telco Cloud, 5G/Edge Solution Development

Financial Services

Cloud Native Development, Fraud Analytics, Conversational AI & NLP, Contact Center Automation, Open Banking

Manufacturing & Industry 4.0

Connected things, Embedded Systems, IIOT Services, Digital Industry solution, Digital Twins

Digital Natives

Customer Data Platform, Product Analytics, Operations Analytics

Our Offering In Storage


Examine and optimize your entire I/O path for high performance, endurance, and reliability.


Cloud is the driver of disruption. We help cloud storage providers develop advanced storage solutions and custom APIs.
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Leverage our enterprise-class data storage management solutions to manage, protect, access, and restore your business data.


Rapidly design, develop, and deploy products while maintaining storage resiliency, optimal levels of data security, and more


We offer backup & recovery solutions for a wide range of workload needs for present-day requirements as well as future loads.


Solutions that protect a wide range of environments, right from small distributed offices to the largest enterprise data centers.

Speed Up With Mozaic

The Calsoft Networking & Telecom COE has been consistently delivering well-crafted solutions to meet the changing networking needs of customers. Here are some prominent statistics.


For Modern-day technology start-ups & stealth modes

End-to-end services from ideation to product launch for aspiring startups across Networking & Telecom, E-commerce, FinTech, Media & Entertainment, EduTech, and other industries.


For emerging ISVs

Digital & Cloud-first strategies, business consulting, and more for up-and-coming ISVs across domains like Networking & Telecom, Storage, IT, Retail, FinTech, and others.


For mature product & platform vendors

Platform modernization, digital strategies, technology consulting, and more for matured vendors across a host of industries such as FinTech, E-commerce, Networking & Telecom, IT, and others.


For established market players

Digital Transformation Lab, platform advisory services, cloud frameworks, and much more for established entities seeking to expand their universe across domains like Networking & Telecom, Media & Entertainment, Retail, FinTech, and others.

Private Cloud

Our IT and cloud experts assist in enabling a private cloud model-based IT infrastructure with an add-on of data recovery and backup solutions

Public Cloud

Choose your choice of cloud from platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud and get expert help in enablement & integration

Cloud Security

We support our customers with Microservices implementations, containerization, service mesh implementation, serverless applications, and more

What’s Under The Hood

We support enterprises with strategy consulting, project implementation, and managed analytics across these areas.

Accelerator IPs

Generic Cloud Interface
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