Security Testing

Companies are adopting groundbreaking approaches for the frontend development of their software, website, or applications. They have become more aware of the trending technologies and are making choices best suited for their brand and audience. Calsoft, with years of expertise in UX & UI engineering and honed skills in data & GUI tools such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more, helps customers create extraordinary interfaces that are modern, smart, and high performing.

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Static Code Analysis

Static code analysis involves the evaluation of the source code to determine bugs and remove them. Our testers help in detecting these loopholes in the source code that may lead to vulnerabilities.

Containerized Application Code Security

Calsoft engaged with a client to perform analysis and scanning of containerized application software for vulnerability assessment and security checks at source code level.


Penetration Testing

Ethical hacking or penetration testing identifies vulnerabilities in the system, network, or application that can become a doorway for attackers. We help with automated as well as manual penetration testing for software applications.

Vulnerability Testing

Our testing experts help customers with a detailed vulnerability assessment for detecting potential risks that can become a reason for a security breach in a system. The process involves a methodical approach of detection, classification, and solution.

Calsoft’s iSCSI Protocol Conformance Test Suite

Calsoft performed analysis and scanning of a containerized application software for vulnerability assessment and security checks at the source-code level.

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Calsoft helped the customer implement the iSCSI Protocol Conformance test suite ensuring robust target implementation.

Compliance Testing

We help in validating the features of the developed system against the specifications of the organizational standards, contracts, and regulations, under our non-functional compliance testing services.

Application Security Testing

We help our customers with specialized application security testing to evaluate the security strength of the application using manual and automated testing, and thereby assist in keeping critical data that traverses through the application secure.

QA of SOHO gateway

Calsoft helped the customer with manual testing of a gateway product targeted for small office/home usage (SOHO) and developed a automation framework.

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Deployment and Test Automation

Calsoft developed scripts to automate the deployment of various components on Azure Cloud along with automation of the complete test suite.

Network Security Testing

Security testing for software involves testing of direct as well as indirect sources of vulnerabilities that can take the whole system down. Calsoft supports ISVs with end-to-end network security testing to determine risks.

Key Highlights
Data protection of Microsoft Hyper-V platform

Calsoft assisted the customer in developing a plugin for Windows Hyper-V using a web-based UI and a centralized way of configuring backup and restore policies for Hyper-V.

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