Data Center Product Engineering Services

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Engineering Services to support Automation, Integration, and Management of Data Center Technologies

Over the past decade, the Data Center sector has gone through rapid changes due to the advent of software-defined & hyperscaled data centers, Cloud, hybrid IT deployments, Edge computing, storage technology innovation, Artificial Intelligence, and more. The push towards software-defined infrastructures is causing the decentralization of data centers from being the playground of large organizations to serving mid-size and small companies provide efficient products and services through lowered CAPEX and OPEX


We assist our customers in end-to-end management of data center servers, which includes management of converged infrastructure, physical servers, operating systems, and virtualization hypervisors.


Our in-vogue storage engineering services, readymade accelerator IPs, and expertise in SAN/NAS arrays spearhead datacenter transformation.

Networking & Telecom

We assist product companies in developing high-performing and scalable solutions for SDN, SD-WAN, and NFV across a range of network requirements.


We help product ISVs develop next-generation virtualization products across platforms such as VMware ESX, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix Xen Server, and Linux KVM.


Our IoT expertise helps customers leverage benefits like distributed processing and analytics, real-time data processing through Edge computing, easy management of distributed environment through cloud, and more.


Our AI-driven solutions help our customers overcome a wide range of challenges associated with data centers, enabling them to reduce the number of redundant alerts, automate administrative tasks, and address issues on a timely basis.

Container Engineering

We help our customers migrate workloads from traditional application hosting systems to containers while orchestrating them to container engines.


We help organizations with data security services including data protection, endpoint, network, cloud, and cyber security for zero threats and zero downtime.

Our Services

Product Engineering

  • System Integration
  • Testing & QA
  • Deployment & Sustaining
  • L1, L2, L3 Support

Infrastructure Automation

  • Containerization
  • Plugin Development
  • DevOps
  • CloudOps
  • ITOps
  • Certification

Monitoring & Management

  • CloudOps
  • AIOps
  • ITSM

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Success Stories

Our expertise for ISVs has matured over a period of two decades. Our innovative approaches help us keep our customers ahead of their competition. See some of our best work in this domain.

Development of Comprehensive Cloud Management Platform

Calsoft assisted a leading cloud company as their development partner for their continuously evolving cloud management platform, helping them with improved performance and enhanced product features.

Curate and deploy machine learning models

Calsoft assisted the customer in maintenance and feature enhancement of Darwin, a tool that helps to build, curate, and deploy machine learning models.

ServiceNow – Incident Management

Calsoft helped the customer develop and enhance the ServiceNow Incident Management Module, where a plugin enabled the end user to raise requests to minimize the negative impact of service disruption on business operations.

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