Private Cloud

Explore Full Potential & Exclusivity of Your Cloud

Enterprises that require full control and isolation for their cloud computing leverage private cloud solutions. These enterprise-grade single-tenant cloud computing solutions are available on-premise or hosted and remotely managed by an external provider exclusive to the user enterprise.
At Calsoft, we help our customers with private cloud enablement, cloud migration, platform integration, cloud security, cloud operations, SaaS & PaaS enablement, data analytics, and many more. Get experts hand to improve scalability, security, and mobility of your dedicated private cloud for better flexibility, performance, and end-user experience.

Cloud Migration Services

Migrate your assets to the cloud, while mitigating risks and easing complexities. We assist our customers with Infrastructure, Application & Data Migration, and Containerization, including Microservices Implementation, VMs to Containers Transition, Container Security, Orchestration & Service Chaining, Container Monitoring, and more.

Private to Public Cloud Migration

Calsoft was engaged with the customer for development of vCenter Plugin for private to public cloud migration.

To know more about how we can align our expertise to your requirements, reach out to us.

Cloud Platform Services (PaaS)

We support our customers’ ever-evolving business needs with our offerings that include Platform as a Service; Platform Integration; Serverless Computing; and HPC. We also have a deep level of expertise in Kubernetes, deployments on leading cloud platforms, serverless modeling, and more.

Integration with OpenStack – Ceilometer to gather telemetric data

Calsoft provided a solution for collecting telemetric data for KVM hosts and instances running in an OpenStack environment.

To know more about how we can align our expertise to your requirements, reach out to us.

Cloud Engineering & SaaSification

Our deep expertise in Cloud technologies enables us to offer cutting-edge SaaS Engineering and Cloud Native Development services. These include SaaS Enablement, SaaS Ops Support, Mobile Enablement, UX/UI, AI-driven Testing, Microservices & Service Mesh Implementations, Containerization, Serverless Applications, and more.

Data Management & Analytics on Cloud

Put your data to work for you with our smart offerings such as Smart Analytics, AI/ML Solutions, DataOps Management, and Cloud Data protection, which cover a gamut of services such as Data Warehouse/Data Lake Modernization; Fraud & Compliance Management; IoT; Data Operations Management; Retention & Recovery Planning; and more.

Key Engagements
Cloud Migration/Cloning Testing

Calsoft was engaged with the customer for cloud migration/cloning testing.

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