Server, Desktop & Network Virtualization

Calsoft, one of the earliest contributors to virtualization technologies, has relentlessly followed the latest innovations and actively implemented them in customer projects for maximum business benefits since the past 2 decades.

Calsoft assists product companies in developing next-generation virtualization products through its expertise across technologies such as VMware ESX, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix Xen Server, and Linux KVM. Customers leverage our deep know-how and skills in building, testing, and deploying products that operate seamlessly in the diverse virtual ecosystem.

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Server Virtualization

Lately, server virtualization has become mainstream due to the obvious benefits such as reduced hardware costs and better flexibility. Enterprises are making server virtualization as one of the crucial components of their IT infrastructure strategies. Calsoft assists them with a complete server virtualization life cycle from planning, designing, to deployment with optimal solutions complementing their business requirements.

PCIe – Storage Accelerator Enhancement

Calsoft enhanced the customer’s PCIe – Storage Accelerator by designing and implementing Windows drivers for their storage accelerator product.

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VMware ROI Phase IV

Calsoft developed an ROI TCO calculator for the customer, improving the calculation logic in the existing ROI Calculator.

Desktop Virtualization

Desktop virtualization technology is making end-user computing environments more secure, reliable, and flexible with reduced overhead costs and increased productivity. Calsoft’s desktop virtualization expertise helps enterprises with end-to-end support and solutions in desktop or client virtualization.

Network Virtualization

Network virtualization technology separates the underlying infrastructure from network operations such as auto-scaling, load-balancing, network provisioning, workload management, network security, and so on. Calsoft’ rich experience in networking and virtualization helps our customers in seamless implementation of network virtualization.

Virtualization of Networking Layer

Calsoft assisted the customer in vitalizing the networking layer, resolving productivity challenges due to the untested Management Console of a virtualized network layer.

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