Cloud Platform Services

It is often difficult to choose the best fit cloud solution from a pool of cloud platforms and service providers. Moreover, the rising trend to use minimal infrastructure for reducing the IT footprint has compelled organizations to adopt optimal cloud and virtualization solutions.

Calsoft, with its rich experience in Cloud and Virtualization, eases the process of cloud adoption by assisting in cloud migration, integration, and management. Our customers rely on us for efficient cloud platform services, which help them with better productivity, efficiency, and ROI.

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Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

Migrate to a flexible and secure model to build and operate cloud-based applications. We offer:

Kubernetes Expertise
Cloud Provider’s GCP, OpenShift, Azure, AWS Elastic, OCP

Deployment of Microservices security platform on AWS

Calsoft built an automation solution to deploy the customer’s microservices security platform in the Kubernetes cluster on Microsoft Azure.

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Integration with OpenStack – Ceilometer to gather telemetric data

Calsoft provided a solution for collecting telemetric data for KVM hosts and instances running in an OpenStack environment.

Platform Integration

Include the benefits of a multi-platform approach with Calsoft’s platform integration services. Our offerings include:

Cross-platform Collaboration
Simplified Connectivity between Cloud & Application

Serverless Computing

Capitalize on the improved scalability, reduced cost, and the flexibility of using serverless computing over traditional cloud-based architecture. Our offerings include:

Deployment, Update, and Auto-scaling
Serverless Modelling


We empower businesses with complex computing and data processing capabilities that deliver an enhanced performance. Our offerings cover:

Consumption-based Pricing
Hybrid Data Center

To know more about how we can align our expertise to your requirements, reach out to us.

Key Highlights

VMware VIO NFV Infrastructure Deployment Automation

Calsoft was engaged to automate the deployment of VMWare VIO and other relevant VMware components, like ESXi, VCSA, PSC, vSAN and NSX for NFV platform.

Automate Deployment of VMWare VIO and other Relevant VMware components like ESXi, VCSA, PSC, vSAN and NSX for NFV platform
Create a build guide compliant to NFV MANO architecture
The Deployment automation should be done on customer’s bare metal hardware
Provide a framework to orchestrate the entire deployment

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