Best-in-class Security Solutions
We assist our customers in managing and protecting their data throughout the data lifecycle—data creation, data at rest, data in motion, data in use, and data destruction. Our data security solutions assist in creating a roadmap to achieve maximum protection against data breaches and other malicious activities.
Network Security
We assist ISVs in injecting security at each stage of the product engineering life cycle and infrastructure layers (from firmware to software).
End-point Security
Our Endpoint Security services help organizations in minimizing risk through the secure design, implementation, transformation, and management of compliant, policy-aligned automated services.
Data Protection & Privacy
Data classification, policy enforcement, guaranteeing integrity, providing access control, and audit for your sensitive data. For an additional layer of data security, we also offer robust identity and access management.
Cyber Security
Our specialist security consultants help customers with not just evaluating ‘detect & respond’ capabilities for their technologies, people, and processes, but also AI/ML-based cybersecurity prevention solutions.
Container Security
We offer 360-degree expertise to safeguard your containerized environment and the communication between containers and the orchestration platform.
Business Continuity Solutions
We assist our customers in safeguarding their business continuity plan to ensure continuous operations and availability. Our Disaster Recovery solutions help in recovering lost data in case of any calamity.
Cloud Security
Our Cloud Security services help enterprises in addressing compliance concerns that delay or minimize the migration of sensitive assets into private, public, and hybrid clouds.
ServiceNow Security Operations
Seamlessly integrate the ServiceNow security platform with your software and applications with our ServiceNow plugins. This platform helps in replacing time-consuming manual tasks with automated security orchestration.
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Industry Coverage
ISVs Security Monitoring & Response, Access Management, Threat Intelligence, Infrastructure Security Management, Enterprise Application Security, and more
Data Centers Server Security, Network Security, Cloud & Virtualization Security, Code Security, and more
Networking & Telecom Network & Endpoint Security, Data Protection, Cloud Security, and more
Retail Cybersecurity, Network & Endpoint Security, Cloud Security, Identity & Access Management, and more
Service Coverage
Product Engineering Transformation & SI Services, Security Assurance & Assessment, Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing, and more
Sustaining & Support ServiceNow Security Platform Integration, SIEM, and more
UI/UX Engineering Modelling UI/UX principles around the customers’ security requirements

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