Embrace The Modern Smart Technologies For Seamless Shift To Industry 4.0
Data-driven decisions, ubiquitous connectivity, automation, and control beyond legacy automation systems from shopfloor to customers boardroom has created many new paradigms, workflows, and business opportunities for the manufacturers. Infringingly our customers are leveraging this knowledge for more than selling products or services. Various value-added services are enabling new frontiers by integrating machines, materials, people, processes, and markets and generating new revenue opportunities. Calsoft is at the forefront with several years of experience in Cloud Engineering, AI/ML solutions, Data Analytics, IoT, Virtualization, Mobility, and other digital toolboxes, transforming the industrial value-chain.
Connected “Things”

In the transformation from standalone mechatronic to cyber physical systems, Things have changed into multi-layer autonomous intelligent systems. Beyond hardware, middleware, and software stacks, get holistic solutions for embedded systems.

Embedded Systems

At the core of intelligent things are embedded systems. BSP, device drivers, middleware, control, and digital applications enable smart connected device functions. Gain assistance with new Edge-enabled architectures that bring extended intelligence, group behaviors, and data harvesters into practice to enable a truly digital factory.

IIoT Services

Industrial IoT, powered by hyperscalers in various hybrid modes brought new capabilities of monitoring, analysis, management, and prevention. Connectivity, cloud, smart sensors, digital, and new business models enabled this modern smart ecosystem. Get expert help in platform development and deep domain knowledge in industrial systems.

Digital Industry

Machines and the industrial ecosystem need large-scale digitization to digitally transform the processes. Logistics, supply chain, asset management, and related digital solutions also form a part of this ecosystem. Integration and automation of this ecosystem with the help of web application, cloud application, UX/UI, containerization, AI/ML aided services can fulfill the need of the digital industry.

Digital Twins

Twins are an important part of cyber-physical systems. From simple data model/PLM-based static and quasistatic models to complete purpose-driven intelligent twins determines the success of autonomy of an industrial system. Twins are domain-intensive, knowledge-intensive part of the complete digital chain and aided by HPC, GPU, NPU infrastructure, expert assistance in making your shift.


Digital transformation brings in ubiquitous mobility in terms of applications, knowledge, and products. Operator panels to supply chain dashboards are all moved to personal and enterprise devices.

Our Services

Customer Support Automation
  • ServiceNow, RPA integration
  • AIOps, Automation

Workload Migration & Management
  • Infrastructure Migration
  • Application Migration
  • Data Migration
  • Containerization

UX/UI, Analytics, and Reporting
  • UX development
  • Classic & Advanced visualization and reporting

Cloud Native Development
  • Containerization
  • Microservices Implementation
  • Service Mesh Implementation
  • Serverless Application

Security Software
  • Application Security
  • Network Security
  • Device Security

Data Management
  • OPC-UA based data acquisition
  • IP based Data Acquisition, Data lake creation
  • Data quality check, Data labeling

Asset Management
  • Asset Monitoring/Alert management
  • Asset Performance Optimization

  • Multiform factor application development
  • Operator station modernization

Application Modernization
  • Cloud Migration to Azure
  • Microservices based platform development

Development Services, Retargeting, and Value Engineering
  • System Engineering, Design, Architecture, Coding, CI-CD, DevOps, Testing
  • The movement to a new cloud platform, retargeting in new hardware, customer preferred platform movement

QA & Testing Services
  • Image-based quality monitoring and Assurance
  • Security and surveillance
  • Managed Testing, Automation, AIML based bug tracking, and routing, root cause guidance, similarity analysis

Support, Maintenance, and Migration
  • Operation automation AI/ML, Staff augmentation, Managed services, Customer Success
  • Maintenance of a platform, feature improvement, Incident handling
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Success Stories
Our Industry 4.0 expertise has matured over a period of two decades. Our innovative approaches help us keep our customers ahead of their competition. See some of our best work in this domain.
Sensor Integration for Smart Machines

Calsoft helped a client to integrate sensors for smart machines that helps in getting a real time status of machine, optimal data for accurate analysis, timely detection of drifts, out of bound scenarios. and enterprise connectivity for Business Intelligence.

Six Headed Camera System

Calsoft was engaged with the client for integration of camera modules and to implement a video surveillance application stack.

Energy Management IoT Applications

Calsoft was engaged with an energy meter device manufacturer to develop a full analytics pipeline and graph visualization for anomaly detection.


Industry 4.0 – Beyond Revolutions

4th Industrial revolution along with smart technologies is set to transform the enterprises digitally. Empowering enterprises to communicate and analyze data, providing intelligent insights ready for taking actions. Smart, connected technologies can transform how parts and products are designed, made, used, and maintained. In all this document covers the changes Industry 4.0 is bringing with it.

Data Generator for IoT Cloud Platforms

Read this white paper about the challenges faced while testing IoT systems and how Calsoft’s Data Generator for IoT Cloud Platform can make the process easier.

IoT and Industry 4.0

In this podcast you can get more information about the overview of IoT and Industry 4.0 and Calsoft’s take on it with the help of below topics:

  • Interoperability
  • Information transparency
  • Technical assistance
  • Decentralized decision
IoT Architecture and Integration

In this eBrief, we had discussed about

  • IoT Architecture: Things, Gateways, IoT Edge, Data Center/Cloud, App Environment
  • IoT Platforms
  • IoT Integration: Why integration, integration endpoints, APIs, Challenges
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