If AI Is The Future, IoT Is Your Time Machine!

Calsoft develops enterprise-class, highly available, high-performance, secured, and intelligent systems to help our customers – large entities, mid-sized players, and startups – from the Manufacturing, Hi-tech, and Data Center spaces in their IoT adoption strategies.

IOT Services

Platform And Application Development

Core components development for various platforms to meet customers' IoT requirements, also covering IoT application development for Android, iOS, and hybrid platforms.

Edge & Gateway Development

Building gateways ranging from enterprise-class distributed edge such as Akraino & EdgeXFoundry to consumer-class, microcontroller-based, purpose-built sensor concentrators.

IoT Sensor Communication

Working for better IoT connectivity with various sensors in Manufacturing, Home Networking, & Logistics spaces, with data protocol expertise in MQTT, AMQP, COAP, REST, MQPP, and OPC-UA.

Security Services

Security is a vital aspect of IoT. We support both OT/ IT security involving firmware updates, code review, vulnerability & penetration testing. As a services model, we also support monitoring and threat modelling as a consulting activity.

Manage Services

We provide 24X7 customer support (L1- L3) for device management monitoring, security, and application monitoring.

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Industry Coverage


Get smart insights to enable product usage analysis, improve services, reduce CAPEX & OPEX, and basically, do more with your data

Data Centers

Optimize strategic operations, client data flow, security, storage requirements, and access capabilities, and more at data centers using our IoT capabilities

Networking & Telecom

Discover new opportunities by connecting people, places, and things through emerging technologies such as 5G, IoT, AI & Machine Learning


Traceability, authenticity, and real-time availability of goods; better customer experience; scalability during peak times; process optimization; and more

Service Coverage

Product Engineering

IoT Application Development, Vulnerability & Penetration Testing, Device Management Monitoring, and more


CloudOps, Cloud Migration, Data Management & Analytics, AIOps, DevOps, and more

Sustaining & Support

Hotfixes, Feature Enhancement, Ecosystem Integration, NOC Support, and more

UI/UX Engineering

UI Modernization, Rapid Prototyping, Feature, Functionality & User Testing, and more

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