Platform for Creating Differentiation using Data

Accelerato.AI – a new-age cloud-based data analytics platform to improve business outcome at scale with data science.

In a post-pandemic world, to stay ahead of the unforeseen challenges, large enterprises and organizations rapidly embracing the digital transformation journey, and the data consumed every day is growing exponentially. With each passing day, the volumes of data generated add another layer of complexity, creating a huge data backlog Calsoft’s platform enables you to solve your business problems at scale through our machine learning algorithms and automate the business process.

Why brings the best-in-class algorithms and data science practices under one roof


Supervised Regression
Supervised Classification
Unsupervised Machine Learning
Natural Language Processing
Computer visions
Feature Engineering

Pre-trained Models and Restful APIs

Text Summarization
Handwriting OCR
Signature Matching

Accelerato.AI helps you with end-to-end data processing by

Data Pipeline
Computer Vision
machine-learning (1)
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Natural Language Processing
engineering (3)
Automation and Visualization

End-to-end Solutions

Provides end-to-end solutions for your data engineering problems with easy integration with major cloud vendors.

No-code/Zero Code’s no-coding, UI-driven approach enables users to build and deploy complex automation processes rapidly

MLOps and AI

Enhance and Automate training of data modeling through Machine Learning, Computer vision, NLP, and AI without writing a single line of code.


Leveraging UI-based drag-and-drop tools to create intelligent, automated workflow.


Create and Maintain custom dashboards to track and measure custom KPIs


Ingest and Transform Data from a wide range of sources

Use Cases

From Storage to ISVs, to Retail, IoT Accelerato.AI enables you to process data of all kinds. Here are some of the use cases.


Asset Tracking
Real Time Monitoring
Defect Tracking using Computer Vision


Sales Analytics
NBA of Shoppers
Recommendation Engine


Loan Risk Scoring
Mortgage Surveillance and Compliance

Smart City

Smart Lighting Smart Metering

Telecom and Networking

Network Security
Network Analytics


Remote Patient Monitoring