5 Things You Must Consider for your DQM Program

5 Things You Must Consider for your DQM Program

Data Quality Management is becoming an essential part of streamlining business processes. As a result, the global market of quality management software is witnessing an increasing adoption. DQM helps in enhancing the operational efficiency of the businesses that further helps in minimizing the operational costs. This podcast is designed for program managers, chief data officers, and other decision-makers and influencers in the area of enterprise data quality. In this podcast you will learn: 

  • What & Why of Data Quality Management
  • Data Quality Maturity Model
  • How to Design Your Program Org Structure
  • How to Design Your DQ Program Initiatives
  • Where do you Want to Start (Which Systems)
  • Calsoft’s DQM Process Framework
  • Art of the Possible
  • In a Nutshell

About The Speaker

Vikram Shibad

Data Architect

Vikram brings with him 19+ years of experience and excellent feedback from clients. He believes in bridging the gap between traditional and modern analytics, bringing the full power of the modern data value chain to enterprises.